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Clash Of Clans | WINNING STREAK with a SAFE deck! [1 CROWN STUD]

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  1. Amazing Video :)

  2. Ur amazing Ash

  3. Nice video!

  4. Ive tried this deck and when you have the right cards it can definitely be a pain in the ass for the other guy. Distraction is key, but if you mismanage something or don't have the right card you will get easily swept over.

  5. I like the deck analysing episodes, but would also like to see you try them…

  6. Glad to have u back Ash!!!!

  7. Ash i dont have hog rider,can i replace it with goblin barrel?

  8. Great video! It may be in trouble against air attacks, like balloons, dragons, minions, freeze?

  9. Sub for ice wizard?

  10. I don't actually like this "safe" play and I hate players who use it. And it's probably the main reason why I don't play often anymore. Not gonna hate the players who use it but I hate the game for promoting these strategies :/ mortars and xbows as well don't get me started with those guys. I once lost to someone who basically just had defense buildings and shot my tower down with the rocket card there was nothing I could do about it :/

  11. i like this format

  12. Ash has been going through hard times! A little title mistake, yeah, okay. Let's just be a bit more sympathetic towards him. Come on guys. Great video Ash, keep it up. We are all here for you bro!

  13. CLASH OF CLAN!!!?????? AND U SHOWED US CLASH ROYALE GAME.btw my favorite game is CR

  14. Nice To have You back remember whole Peter17$-Team Stands behind You. Take Care!!! For Peter!!!

  15. nice vid <3

  16. Great pointers, God bless Ash nice to hear you again,

  17. That deck is really good

  18. Better fix the title or I'll call Keemstar

  19. Awesome introo!

  20. clash of clans??? :/

  21. clash of clans??? :/

  22. Verry offense players are not likely to win? Look at smurf bro then rethink what youre saying

  23. hope u r doing good #clashwithash …keep up ur good work man

  24. why title is Clash Of Clans and game is Clash Roayle? :D

  25. will this deck wrk at builders workshop???

  26. Didn't know Coc worked with decks. Damn, I've been playing wrong for over a year!

  27. Clash Royale, not Clash of Clans. XD

  28. Does someone wants to battle me ? Im level 5 and i reached arena 5 so im pretty good…;)

  29. Glad to see you're back Ash :)

  30. 5

  31. giant skeleton
    goblin barrel
    spear goblins
    is a best ever deck i made

  32. clash pf clans?

  33. Hey ash ! Hope u are ok ! 🙂 Thanks for uploading video once again !

  34. first

  35. first

  36. title coc?

  37. u awesome bro