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Clash of Clans WiPeOUT Attack Guide – No Go GoWiPe

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  1. I hav a doubt that is i hav lvl 4 wall breakers how many should i take with me??

  2. Okay not funny anymore, you can come out with another video already! :)

  3. Tutor can you help the th 7s more Like even new attacks or th 6 or 5 because some cant really watch this because their not that th lvl

  4. do we have to kill the clan castle troops first before doing the mean attack

  5. i cant join becoues my name is ass :(

  6. any clans that are in the kingdom that could help a mid th 8 learn new attacks? I need help and more war experience to get better at attacking. So any clans available in the kingdom that will allow for me to do that?

  7. This attack works really well for me

  8. Guys, do not join RedRhinos , they are very sensitive and do not take jokes well, I've been in there and I asked the Where do you find dogs with no legs joke, they kicked me, but invited me back but telling me it was "offensive for animal lovers" I myself have dogs and didn't find it offensive, and it was a funny joke, but oh well lol

  9. I got a couple 3 stars in war using lvl 2 pekkas. C:

  10. great now Supercell is going to nerf pekka's xD

  11. I guess none of ur clans want a strong base like mines. As a subscriber, I'm offended.

  12. I wanna join the kingdom

  13. the orange otter is full. I got a th 8.5 no rushed base. offense is great

  14. awesome strategy! really helped me out in war thanks ;)

  15. Hey, I'm a almost max th 5 I need a clan and advice so I thought that you were he best choice to help 🙂 happy holidays???

  16. Will lvl 2 drags still work on a th8 max drag attack?

  17. Hey Heather ! I have an awesome 3 star attack strategy for th7s and 8s, this strategy is my self made and can overkill a max th7 and mid th8. I wanna show you that strategy so where can i show you that ?

  18. I made tons of mistakes in my war attack but still i got a 3 star thanks Heather. But i had a Question can Th8 use this attack against Th9 to get 3 stars. Or can share any attack that can do the job for me. I have Mastered Drags from you and Now I will do the same with this attack Thanks Again Heather

  19. Tried to join orange otters but it declined,and I'm not a adult yet.

  20. Gowipe is still a thing but the two golem make it a pretty shitty attack. I change things up a bit by doing compositions of a single golem 3 pekkas 19 wizards, 8 wall breakers and 3 goblins. However, I might drop the three goblins and a wall breaker for a single giant to lure out cc. Goblins are also nice for luring cc because they are so fast. Believe it or not a single wallbreaker gets the job done. It mainly depends on placement but for spells I get 2 heal 1 rage. Gowipe isn't for everyone, but three stars can be achieved if done right.