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Clash of Clans – WORLD #1 CLAN DEFEATED! Clan War Shocker!

  1. IMO, I think the village guard is useless. Attacking with a shield and giving that person a shield, which happens alot, it unbalances the number of bases left to attack, but gemmers make it more unbalanced because they can buy a 2 hour village guard after they use 2 or 3 attacks fromm their shield. Since you can attack with the guard and give the other person a shield makes the number of bases left less than the original number of bases before the update.

  2. We are one of the best clans in the world we are lvl 9 and have one of the worlds highest win streaks 83 wins and no defeat

  3. There are a lot more people than th snipers that are not happy with the update. Where did all the dead bases go. for example?

  4. There's a lot more people than th snipers that are not happy with the update. Where did all the dead bades go?

  5. Hey Galadon, nice video. I'm a th9, and I still farm. Some people say farming doesn't exist anymore which I kind of agree, because it's not about finding loot, it's about getting a profit in loot. Now it's really hard to farm with cheap armies (at th9&10), i find myself using LavaLoonion/balloonion every single raid just to get some de. And protecting loot is really hard too, so what I think can be done is maybe reduce the cost and time for troops and spells? Farmers like you have the luxury to boost your barracks/gem troops, the "average farmer" doesn't. I'm not an average farmer, i do boost my barracks, spell factories and heroes, but I did try playing like an average farmer and I found it extremely hard to even progress a little bit, I even tried playing for 6 hours a day and barely found myself in profiting in elixir. I'm not gonna complain about th sniping, i think it's gone for good, but I really think that reducing the time and cost for troops and spells will be good.

  6. tomorrow must be a new year special

  7. GALADON! Please read this comment fully 🙂 At first I didn't think of a problem about th sniping, there isn't. But then saw I videos and they say that a base gets removed from the search queue after 5 days of inactifity so I started thinking that this is true because I didn't find much of that collector raids. So for my part farming is actually dead because of all I just said. Comment your opinion about this please.

  8. #34 is maxed…

  9. Lol my clan is on a 39 win streak?

  10. th10 farming sucks…done with this game i loved so much cos of this stupid update

  11. Congratulations on on defeating the #1 clan!

  12. Farming isn't dead but Barch is because supercell has removed dead bases from the multiplayer section…

  13. I like where I'm at. I get on, get money, do a raid get off

  14. Gala story plz

  15. maybe the skeletons should dont activate giant bombs…?

  16. wait was not the first defender the person your clan made fun of saiing that he spent more time on his name than his attack you said that. in one of your videos

  17. I bet you supercell did that so we can buy resources with our money SO they can get more money

  18. Why did you re-upload Galadon?

  19. All this farming is dead is complete and utter bullshit. I'm farming just aswell now as I was before update… ppl love to moan simple facts go graft for your loot instead of trying to bum off collecters raids. (Gets on my tits)

  20. is everyone going to ignore the fact that they removed 75 percent of the loot gained from collectors against a th below you? That Means you can only farm dead bases your th level plus. giving th9+ the biggest shaft