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Clash of Clans – World No2 and No3 Clans CLAN WAR!!!

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  1. ?????????

    ت €$نبنبتف
    ب؛ $تبت1رتت

  2. Lost phoenix is 11th in the world…..

  3. I dint Know how come Spencer isn't at 1million subscribers he's so much better than the others lol hard to get noticed sometimes like me lol

  4. My clan uses a golem in CC to hope for the explosion to kill the majority of the skeletons. then the defense kills witches

  5. Barcherama got a narrow win in its last war!

  6. +spencer23$ what do you use to record and edit your games I wanna become a YouTube I have one vid up if u can also shout me out I love your vids keep up good work and plz respond what u use to make and edit and Rec these vids

  7. no.10 vs no.50 ??? wtf

  8. You used the old th11 design in the thumbnail lol

  9. all lost Phoenix knows about three star attacks is:
    drop jump spells or earthquake and then spam witches

  10. I ca Not believe how you only have 130k Subs. you are the Best clash YouTuber keep up the good Work and thank you

  11. Spencer fun question would be happy if you would response. Who is better for defenses Freak Show or Circle30 ?

  12. Spencer $23 When are you doing th8 farming?

  13. Spencer show your war attacks! You never do!

  14. You look like CM Punk

  15. the clan درع الجزيرة is the number 2

  16. Th11s must have another inferno tower. Pigeon is a shity defence.

  17. I vote you as the next coc con war play by play announcer, great energy and detailed calls.

  18. Such fake enthusiasm, hahah! Good god..

  19. some body can you subscribe me pliz guys

  20. Once again great vid spence

  21. yo spencer23$, Can you do a clan war with LP3 Chiron vs BarbarianNParty! Please Man

  22. 23$ what do you think about th10 farmer like has lose their interest in game.
    will they come back to the game again? ?
    and now $c started to talk about update will this update will help $c??
    love you bro be honest as always.

  23. 1st and 2nd comment. Lol

  24. coven, well done Spence ? Also a less known one, is a Council of Wizards

  25. k

  26. 3rd COMMENT AND 18 LIKE

  27. Great war

  28. You are the best! I am English!

  29. Hey spencer!

  30. First

  31. you are the best

  32. spencer23$ hi

  33. hey spencer…what about attck with all troops..each nd every troop of coc..use in single atck?..ur best?

  34. Hi

  35. 1

  36. 17th! :D

  37. spencer is the best