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Clash of Clans | Worlds BEST DE Farming Troll Base!? | Pandora´s Box | Max LVL Troop Proof [2016]

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  1. I can easily steal your DE by using 4 earthquake spells in the corner where your DE storage is… clean out the buildings in that corner and use the 'super queen' to snipe

  2. Lol it works a th10 attacked me an got 1star

  3. Sorry Jaso! This base IMO is completely sucks (wo arbalets). When i use it, quite every defend 100%. Maybe when full th9 its ok). But your last th9 cw base is real nice, loving it! With one exception – more tesla near queen and no bombs. Thank you!

  4. Hi! Great video!
    Can you make a th8 dark elixir farming base with th inside? ( not troll)


  6. Going to give it a try, you have been making some good bases….keep up the great work.

  7. Hey Jaso!! Love your videos. I was wondering which war base are you currentle using?

  8. can you plz add a DE farming troll base for town hall 8

  9. #PandorasBox

  10. Nice base really love it.Keep on the good work

  11. Hi Jaso, I am using this base for couple of days now and it works very well for me. I am in master division 1 right now and untill now they have just got 2500 dark frome after 6 attacks. Thanks m8.

  12. Make a vid of th 8 attack strategies plsss i luv ur vids ?

  13. You can simply steal the DE with a few giants and archers on the sides than a Queen and jump to the middle

  14. nice jaso . i try this base.. thnks

  15. jaso bro this is working very nice with 100% dark protection now just make the best 100% gold and elixer protection then it will be the best one by jaso and complete performance.

  16. Can you make a version of this without xbows for the 8.5's?

  17. TH8 please

  18. Dont like because i need to protect gold and elixar :)

  19. Where is the other version?
    At last a base that does well with a queen walk against DE.

  20. Will this design still work on a base that isn't fully maxed?

  21. Im getting so hyped for th9 when i see all these basea

  22. Nice i think this base is great El prepear loot and an littlebit Trophy's

  23. Epic video Jaso amazing base keep it up m8 u are at 12,000 subs now keep it up

  24. #pandorasbox. I'm currently using one of your TH9 base designs (that 30% free) and its working just fine (I made some little changes to it). Thanks. Keep it up.

  25. Hey, i like your bases, but can you plz make th4 and th5 bases? I would appreciate that very much, cause i'm a th4 upgrading to th5. Nice vid btw.

  26. jaso xereis ellinika?

  27. Nice Base bro!.. did it hold well on lavaloonions attack?

  28. Hey jaso, can you make a th8.5 base like this no new defenses.just the traps and AQ

  29. This is looking like one of those bases with the town hall in the middle with lots of space around it to be anti 2*. Good job with this layout, it really seemed to hold up against even some stronger attackers! Looking forward to your videos (you've been putting in far more work) and as always, glhf!

  30. It's awesome hahaha, good job Jaso :). I would have liked to try it before, but the gold and elixir are very important for me right now.

  31. #pandorasbox epic base as always jaso

  32. I love your base builds can you make a th8 one?

  33. How do you think this base would hold up against balloonion?

  34. ????

  35. This would be a perfect war base

  36. Can you make a th8 version I would apriciate it.Keep up the great work.

  37. this base for th8? sorry for my english im italian ?

  38. you always create such awesome bases, wow! good job on this one, just as always. ^^ btw do you know any good th8.5 clanwar base, or could you make one? i modified one of your th8 bases but it just doesnt work since the update, due to the extra time and spell…

  39. Another one, Another one, Another one, Another one, Another one, and Another one. the reasons to stay subbed to you keep increasing

  40. I couldn't tell very well from the video, but is the town hall perfectly centered? Thanks and nice base jaso

  41. th8 version plz :)

  42. like very good ♥ im th9 this for my dark♥♥ im braziliam you are my favourite youtuber for clash tank you!!!!!