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Clash Of Clans – WORST ATTAKER IN THE WORLD!!! (Monie trapped Troll))

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  1. what is the song called at the end of the video? I'm dying to know.

  2. What is an " attaker "

    I think you misspelled that word lol

  3. What is the music in the background??

  4. Am I high or is it the video ?

  5. "Attaker" gg

  6. sup niggas

  7. I knew that man how attacked u he is in my clan


  9. can you make a clan for us

  10. Wow

  11. Hi godson what's up and I subscribed.

  12. Hey Godson when you coming to Crystal 2?

  13. I always like your intros and galamom passed?!?!?!:'(

  14. Those dumb attacker looks like they have some sort of pattern and i believe they're using farming bot

  15. thise is arealy god trool intro thx for leson to me godson???

  16. Is that freaking wili wonka

  17. Love it!

  18. Instructions not clear

    My dick got stucked between walls

  19. love the intro !!! Willy Wonka

  20. LOL keep up the good work godson

  21. hi

  22. Please comment saying sorry for you please cheer me up I'm so sad :,(

  23. read the title……

    read carefully….

    worst "attaker"

    he spelled attacker wrong

    You read this sentence. Got Ya. :)


  25. Please some subscribers to cheer me up my dog passed away about 1 hour ago I'm the saddest person right now ?????????????????????

  26. Time to turn on lights geez the intro was creepy af XD

  27. Where are all the good armies at? A bowler or valk team could crush that base, especially with no x-bows or eagle artillery.

  28. godson if u reply back u r gods son

  29. hi

  30. What happened to Galadon ? ?

  31. Wut happen to galadon?

  32. like