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  1. *********************TONY NEEDS TO READ*********************
    Wtf Tony you said that miners and healers are now one of the worst troops in the game but was just about to 3 star a base using them both so wtf? You ended on purpose because you just don't want them to 3 star and if they would people would call you stupid just because in your opinion worst troops in the game 3 starred a base. And this even isn't the first time I see it on your channel

  2. You should look at your baby tony account and clan some 1 has closet your clan so know 1 can get in

  3. BRANDON!!!

  4. Ya

  5. you never post cr vids anymore

  6. Galadon is maxed Pat is maxed I don't know about other but maybe nickatnyte is

  7. please tony can I get into your clan I have town 10 please

  8. I'm done with GT'S click baiting ass.

  9. General come by my clan! I just 3 starred our opponents #1 with mas valks! solid attack for the underdogs! my clan is Store 495

  10. what a ridiculous update I just now unlocked healers and they nerfed it

  11. _Get unlimeted gems, coin & Elixir for FREE!!!

  12. #tonys lazy

  13. tony what about gally and pat they ar 100% max

  14. Who plays clash of clans

  15. hey Tony ….. pls reply …, can I be a part of you clan ….. I am th 10 with 108 xp lvl ??

  16. We want the name change option again!!!!….#GENERAL TONY


  18. well lets see new attack strat

  19. #TonyLazy

  20. Just checked a few of the top 200 players… ALL of them use miners…

  21. Yes!!

  22. bad it sucks

  23. no

  24. why tf do you keep ending the raid!

  25. I don't really see the difference for the miners. It only matters while they're underground and untouchable anyway. Also, I still use a queen walk(I'm a th9). I'm waiting for the big update cause this was a tiny, no change update imo

  26. please open your clan I wanna join

  27. make your grand worden lvl 20 ya

  28. getting close to 700k and great video

  29. yes

  30. can i join your clan plz i is th7

  31. when's the new update coming

  32. Delete your channel!!!!!!!! You honestly are the most annoying person I have ever herd…..

  33. i think healer hitpoints should be increased

  34. wow

  35. Yes

  36. general you went back to Titans leg

  37. tony can you give me $250 gift card plz. I entry your web site 1.8k ..just I miss it,,,plz can you give me,,,I don't miss your any video,,,plz can you give me,,,

    I hope you response,,,

    Your great fan
    Rj khan..

  38. yo tony i have clash of clans i trying to get in in ur clan but it doesn't work

  39. Beakers lab is not maxed out

  40. I hate it

  41. it's my birthday today ?

  42. #tonyslazy

  43. Join my clan Artic Blazzers❄️❄️❄️

  44. Miners are stronger now…more time underground means more time in a heal. It just takes a speeding up your attack and a little skill ;)

  45. Yes

  46. Plz come in my clan OM'S KINGDOM

  47. yes

  48. yea

  49. there's no other attack left. is all boner attack for war now. townhall 9 is no longer fun without the aq walk….