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Clash of Clans – WTF has happened to clan wars!? (Glitch)

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  1. Q&A:Hi?

  2. Took too long to get to the point of the video… Bored

  3. (Q&A) Egg or Tomato? Sandwich or Burger? and also will you try to answer this ?

  4. The name of the intro D:?

  5. Q&A question toughest townhall to go through for war?

  6. why 23$??? I don't get it.. maybe you answered thhis question before… so if you already did.. can someone else answer it? xD

  7. Spencer have u seen the new starwars movie?and what did u think of it?for QaA

  8. ❤️?هـہُہَہَہَــہَہَہَ(ツ)ہَـہَہَہَہَہَهه?❤️ الخصم عربي

  9. Yess this happened in my war too. The guy got 62% in the replay but it got registered as 60%

  10. Spencer please use this question for Q&A. Do you think more Royale clans should be created, seeing the amount of people requesting and seeing all lp clans are almost everytime full?

  11. Who is your Favorite FOOTBALLER #Q&A

  12. Spencer what gave u the idea to start youtube on clash of clans

  13. He got 48% 1*…in our clan war….there #1 was 50% attacked and 0* -_- ….supercell u bitched this game

  14. I've got screen shots of war raids finishing on 99% 2 star, but it's 3 on the results. wierd

  15. Good vid Spencer

  16. do u like the new update @spencer23$

  17. spencer your videos are awesome

  18. DAT intro gave me aids

  19. I hate the less time I did mass hogs and 3 starred with a second left and someone else in my clan got a fucking 99 percent 2 star if he had a second left he would have gotten it

  20. Hey Spencer pls reply i would cri of happiness c;

  21. I need strategy for arena 5 I have been using your deck

  22. Wow this is such a screw up!

  23. yikes

  24. Spencer, do a drunk stream again


  26. Q&A How do you think about the New troops Bowler ????

  27. omg

    Who even cares about early people anyway

  28. We had a perfect war and then we had 87 stars 30v30

  29. Guys i just found a clan That already has 7 win strike at clan war -#9VJR8JOY

  30. Anal beast ?

  31. Lol he said anal beast agian

  32. nice upload..

  33. Hey spencer where do you live ?

  34. yea it done with game it same happened to me

  35. Im early

  36. 26 Views D:

  37. yea

  38. Pls use your old intro again. It looks much more professional

  39. 102nd!!!!1!1!1!11!!!!

  40. done for sure..

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  42. Lol

  43. this game is done

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