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Clash of Clans | Xmas Special – Ed Hog’s for Nelly + 3x Live Defences Attacked by Roller OMG

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  1. Ed.Ed.Ed please please please stop, first u didnt replied properly to my comments. Secondly whoever says thats good attack, that's some good shit, i love u ed, ur the man, please post some awesome of ur raid. whoever said have no clue about this game nd again i really dont know why ITD allowed you to war with them but probably ur a friend of them in real life otherwise no way to be an ITD member. im still expecting you to prove me wrong nd post some combo 3 star raids or i will keep doin this till u quit or u block me from comments nd keep clashing ✌ ✌ ✌

  2. gohog is love!

  3. dude why dont up th11 ?

  4. And this hog attacks are the proof that ed dont mod xD

  5. 14:57 the Wizzards flyed :DD

  6. name of the song of the intro plz?

  7. Your still the best ed ?

  8. It's so nice when you speak German 😉 Hau rein Fröhliche Weihnachten

  9. Hey Ed and others,I have a video on my channel with proof of MegaEmpireAsia hacking!Please take a look at them and feel free to use the video!

  10. Live defence! I love it! Nice Ed, great video <3

  11. Your placement of the spells was horrible

  12. what happened with your microphone sounds like poppy and shit

  13. Up in smoke pie is back :-)

  14. Galanub is trying to get #1 of the World… will be fun to watch Nobody shit

  15. Great vid as always Ed, keep it up! Have a good Christmas, you spoiled us with 3 live defenses, I love them!

  16. Brandon was still first

  17. Your reactions from a def is just hilarious

  18. Merry Christmas ED!!

  19. roller is the guy who played shaheen uae ( First Player above 5000 cups) to legend…

  20. Tô.OP Likee, Nicee 😉