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Clash of Clans | YouTube Channels, Websites and Tools

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  1. sup judo

  2. awsome video sloth

  3. great video!

  4. I'm already subscribed to all these guys ?.Great compilation of the remaining clash youtubers however.Great job Judo! ?

  5. Thank you Judo ?

  6. Judo your words of kindness mean the world to me, and I greatly appreciate your feedback on my own content. This video is loaded with resources for any player at any TH level!! Keep up the great work as always mate.

  7. Great video! 🙂
    Trying to get Ash to do the same, shout out some channels. He hasn't gotten to my emails yet!

  8. Appreciate the kind words. Awesome to see uplifting people in the community. All around A+

  9. Thank you for the feature. Nice work compiling all of the resources found here, I'm sure people can benefit from your research! Cheers!

  10. Sub,Comment,Like,View :)

  11. Nice resources which i inever knew about. Thanks