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Clash of kings 27 castle finished+1 million troops!!!

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  1. Please guys any cheat am.on castle level 18 700k power please any cheat??

  2. Bowzee I like your videos . keep doing this amazing videos

  3. what's the point of making farm castles? (legitimately asking) i only have one device and idk how to do it or why i should do it in the first place

  4. ouch LoK lost the crown and bowzee is on the fool List ??

  5. Put the speed At 0.5 and it sounds like he drunk or depressed

  6. Bowzee bro great video ???

  7. Hey Bowzee it's WickedSlayerz from k495 I talked to you a few times and I wanted to let you know I'm going to be starting a channel aswell and I'd like you to follow me and watch my videos lol I've watched every one of yours

  8. pro bowzeeeee

  9. Hey bowzee I have a question. If I am in my hive and my allies send me reinforcements and I teleport into another hive and attack will I still have the reinforcements my allies sent me or no?

  10. bowzee do you know how to protect troops for more than 24 he's and gather more than 3 million resources at a time without a shield??

  11. hey bowzee what kingdom are u?

  12. bowzee can you till me how much money is to get castle 16  need to know want to kill some chines

  13. I cant wait for the next video! ?

  14. It makes a video showing how much you pay in dollars in gold packages

  15. how can you got all this amount of rss and gold

  16. hey bowzee want to see u in a big war with daydream fighting your enemies and kick them out of your game server lol

  17. Hey bowzee Great Job on that Were Close to lvl 30 😀 I wanted to ask you if I should always Train troops Even if they eat all my Food (im castle lvl13 turning 14 Soon) Cuz I can create farms and stuff to keep building just wanted to Know that from a experienced player:)

  18. how do you deal with the bot farmers I want to progress and be a top player but I want to do it legit

  19. nice vid man keep it going 🙂 btw how do u get the gold (saw a vid about amazon ore somthing) dos that work for europ to (i am from the netherlands) @clash of kings whith bowzee

  20. ????

  21. 102,97 gold

  22. awesome video bro keep posting :-)

  23. 6.5mill power…lvl 27 castle and a million troops…. i know you wanna get lvl 30 but i think its time for you to go out and kill and plunder….just like the drunk war video

  24. Excellent.

  25. Congratulations Bowzee

  26. I am on castle lv 19 and I have 700k troops

  27. why you don't trainer siege tower ?

  28. congratulations bowzze
    but u had to upgrade other troops to 26 instead of castle.27

  29. congratulations bowzze
    but u had to upgrade other troops to 26 instead of castle.27