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  1. Spring traps… why..

  2. Interesting.. In Galadons vid his ELIXER BARRACKS CHANGED but you'rs didn't.

  3. smart way to nerf valks instead of hurting thr game again <3 :)

  4. How high do the spring traps go??? I know they said 4 but there was an upgrade option for level 4

  5. Wonder how many hogs those new springs will be able to fling…

  6. Bowlers suck.

  7. nice 3 star……actually some of the new features to come really sounds great can't wait

  8. WTF! When did this update arrive!

  9. Amazing. Can't wait

  10. Any idea if the spring trap upgrades will affect hogs ?

  11. don't you think they are getting more and more desperate over time to get their users back or its just me

  12. That's exactly what I though sc would do to nerf valks. I though " valks takes 8 housing spaces, only 1 can die from these springs, what about tweaking the spring traps to make up to 16 pop instead? " and now i see this.

  13. The spring trap update is going to hurt hogs

  14. +Powerbang Gaming what th level do you get level 7 loons at?

  15. Lvl 3 hounds will go to th9? Maybe? Please supercell. Because tg9 gets?

  16. We need some more stuff for lower than levels honestly….kind of getting bored of the same old stuff for lower th

  17. When does the update come out?

  18. new lvl spring traps, also means RIP hog raids

  19. hog raids will also be affected by the new spring traps making it nearly impossible to do a decent ground raids if that happens.. ;(

  20. Friendly challenge is good idea it must be added. Spring trap update is bad

  21. Powerbang, what program/application do you use to draw on the screen (such as in tutorial/planning videos). Thanks, great video!

  22. for the MAJORITY OF PLAYERS,this will be fun and helpful. for people who spend days online in a row, sure they'll have an sdvantage. but for most of us this will be an enjoyable update

  23. I'm so happy to see the developers work with a real war guy thx for all the help on trying to improve our game pb

  24. what will happen to hogs on upgraded spring traps?

  25. They should at least make a new th 7 balloon design?

  26. Well I guess I'm not a max th8 anymore

  27. Love how PB isnt making separate videos for every new thing in the update. Others (cough galadon/ chief pat cough) would have wasted an entire vid just talking about the new level loons or something :/

  28. thanks pb .. ? Love ur way of explaining sps

  29. Nice PB ! Finally getting the recognition from sc that you deserve. i don't usually watch these kind of videos but of course because it's you :)

  30. Your 3star looked so easy?

  31. So does this mean, spring traps can't pop 4 valks at level 1? Because that's been a thing for a while now, I.e giants and hogs…

  32. SC gives us something, and then take it away in the next update, over and over again.. whats up with these not balanced at all.. now air raid will be in, and in the next update SC will take the air raid away again..hmmppphhhh….

  33. People are moany bastards…pull on your big boy panties guys and suck it up

  34. This shits gay th10 should get lvl 7 loons and lvl 4 hounds

  35. Nice update. Nothing bad to say. Good job supercell

  36. Add lvl 6 valks for th11 since 3 starring a good 11 base is still very hard. Also lvl 8 barch and lvl 7 wallbreakers for th11. If they make the friendly battle unexploitable this will be a great update

  37. Thank you! I hope that there will be an update for th9 too..

  38. In regards to the friendly challenge, even if there isn't a perfect fullproof solution, I just want it to be really inconvenient for people to practice bases

  39. how about the hogs on spring traps? will it spring out more than 3 hogs if higher level?

  40. great update so far

  41. what about lower th like 7 8 9

  42. Quadlava OP again! I just jizzed in my pants

  43. looks like the best update yet.

  44. There better be an air defence buff to otherwise allow will be the new valks,new witch, etc

  45. sweet vid as always. keep it up

  46. Coc updates are pissing me tf off

  47. They all sound good to me so far. Glad to see Supercell listens to us and change things so fast

  48. Level 8 Giants Level 4 dark spell factory confirmed!!