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Clash Talk – Finland Trip, Arranged Wars, September Update Incoming?! | Clash of Clans

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  1. Hello! I just wanna join a nice clan. Wicked Gaming can I please join your clan?I am still TH7 My Base:( )……..Please Let Me Join!…..Subbed!

  2. #wewantarrangedwars

  3. Myself sky secret both

  4. when u will do clash royale

  5. #wewantarrangedwars

  6. cool

  7. Arranged wars would be nice but I'd like something more game changing like 5v5 tournaments

  8. chief pat should not represent clashofclans anymore since he did abandon this game, supercell arntaking the best choices for clashofclans at all, arranged wars would be nice, but no rewards would suck.

  9. #wewantarrangedwars

  10. #NoMoreSpamTroops

  11. having arranged wars will not bring this game back….however it may help…I want to see better balance in the game. ..what's the purpose of a th10 and th11??? they are really no different. ..both has 40 40 heroes and can max out troops. ..can we please get some balance.

  12. français pour traduction svp :c

  13. it sounds good but lets see Wicked if u can bring up when heroes r upgrading that we still can use them in war plz n thank u

  14. Subscribed (:

  15. arranged wars would be difficult to make even and i think it would take away from people who like wars the way they are


  17. Do You Guys want Arranged Wars let me know below?!!

  18. Hey Wicked Gaming im a big fan of yours i have been subscriber for a long time can i join your clan im a townhall 10 with level 10 archers towers and cannons level 7 air defence and mortar and level 5 teslas and level 1 infirnou towers

  19. Yo

  20. #ممكن-اشتراك-بقناتي-وشكرا

  21. #wewantarrangedwars

  22. 62 views dang great video wicked

  23. ?

  24. first?