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ClashCon 2016 – LOS ANGELES! [How Can we Make it BETTER!?]

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  1. Absolutely agree with ya ash, we want to see everything behind this great game :)


  3. Hey ash. Can i join your clan im th8 hogs level 4

  4. I live in LA hahaha

  5. If it happens during the Moon Festival (Chinese vacation) I might consider going. :P

  6. They should create a feature where you can create attack strategies and save them and store them somewhere so u can click a button and a strat starts training instantly for a example say if u wanted to train up Gowipe u could just simply go into a menu or however they would make it click it and barracks start training Gowipe. Not a huge update just something to make the game a bit smoother.

  7. the reason clash royale is a hit is because it's a 1v1 format.clash of clans is in serious need of a face lift. what I am about to tell you will be game changing so listen up and think serious. as it is now is an offensive only game format. if you make it to where the player is in control of defence as well, then that brings 2 variations to the game. so if I am wanting to go raid offensively and find a base to attack, I would be attacking a player actually in control of their defenses and defending their base soley. not having automatic xbows or archer towers. the player would actually have to click specific defenses to fire and do different things and attack in certain targets or groups. you can go with this idea to no end. and it would be a game changer. raiding base after base after base and beating a computer each time is monotonous. but attacking a player shows skill which in turn makes it variable. not the same for every raid. you can be in defend mode or offence mode. depending on what you wanna do and having different perks to do both. such as loot in raiding and loot gain if defence was won. many many many ways to go about doing this and what kind of features it could add. it's a game changer. but must be done properly otherwise it could be a blown opportunity. I sent this message to the clash team. You have more of a voice tho.

  8. LA is too far away for me 🙁 I hope they will consider doing one on the east coast in the future.

  9. dude the legal law is 21 to be able to drink. don't try bringing up the idea of 16

  10. amazing

  11. What was the price on clashcon 2015? I am thinking about going and wanna know how much to save

  12. this year it wont be amazing, all youll see are people closing there eyes and spamming bowlers and miners for a guaranteed 2 star, how is this making the game strategic

  13. Im from Helsinki but im happy that the clash con is now in LA so more people can get there :)

  14. Uhh, with they did one in Australia. LA is just as hard as Finland xDDDDD

  15. Love the idea of early artwork and concepts, that would be a great to bring to ClashCon. Live sneak peeks are a definite….agree with the alcohol too! Nice work Ash.

  16. They shouldn't invite Chief Pat and Galadon this year, they are not Clash of Clans youtubers anymore

  17. Sure hope Supercell doesn't screw this one up! Get some elite FairPlay war clans in the war tourny! Please Supercell build up the hype and deliver this time!

  18. More Single Player Levels and 3D Touch Support would be a win.

  19. we need the young clashers to be able to join clashcon too ):

  20. dammit I'm 15… live close to la too. damn.

  21. Will clashcon be clash royale too

  22. holy shitt? i live in LA im definetly going


  24. What means con in end of clashCON?

  25. Why not NYC :(

  26. Hey guys! On my channel I have a 3600 card chest and 1200 card chest opening our clan hosts weekly big tournaments and we need more Ppl to join to join watch my 1200 chest opening like the video subscribe and comment below and we will let u in Thanks!

  27. I'll bring the beer!

  28. I'll bring the beer!

  29. ?????❤?????

  30. I suggest 13+ as you are only suppose to have the games at this age

  31. could u imagine the rage quit from a drunk person after losing a battle in CR? lololol

  32. Clash of clans is now boring game too much waste of time players are leaving this game

  33. Well I can't go to clash con then flights from the London to lax are £1,200 return I don't have that much money to spend on clash con most of clash players are in Europe and Asia hosting in the United States just don't make sense

  34. Money

  35. It is one hour away from here

  36. why would you have to be 21 to drink alcohol? you can buy it at 18!

  37. Blizzcon does it right, they should take pages out of that book

  38. will be clashcon jast clash of clans or clash royale or 2

  39. It is official. I can understand Chinese, and the his at the Shanghai tournament said that the winner would be going to the 2016 clash con which is in Los Angeles.

  40. if it's going to be in LA there is only one place i can think of it to host the event and that's LA convention center which is huge so u can have different sections for each supercell game to appeal/please everyone and if people wants to drink there is many bars and restaurants around that can easily host a supercell language

  41. It should be in germany

  42. comeone why in la fuck off thats so shitty so decenterlized

  43. Sup ash

  44. Will be another big update ?