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ClashCon 2016 What Will it Be?

Will you be going? What do you think it will consist of? Let me know in the comments below. Check out my Patreon page and help support the channel as well as …


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  1. if you don't know already. Pokemon has killed this game.´╗┐

  2. Maybe there will ba a two days ClashCon, one day coc and the other day cr. I┬┤d like that´╗┐

  3. No, not for royale. But I'm probably in the minority.´╗┐

  4. c l a s h is DEAD. sorry it just is and blame SC for killing of the game.´╗┐

  5. Onehive is going downhill now ?´╗┐

  6. This game is death. The hype is over tbh´╗┐

  7. not going lmao´╗┐

  8. If they are looking to get a decent tournament going invite the top clans from each season in the last year to battle it out in war. Clash of Clans, big thumbs up! Clash Royal… not worth my time.´╗┐

  9. Australian, got no hope.´╗┐

  10. Its gonna be a major clash of clans tournament with all top clans going at it jake, i got a good feeling about the clash of clans team this time lets give them the benefit of doubt for now :)´╗┐

  11. Clashcon f right off. They had the "top level war clans". I get better content at a higher level from Jake, clash in the north, pb, Matty etc. They had a reveal of the worst update, which was basically a sneak peak from a developer that seems to be fairly crap at their job. I'll Sit on my butt in my house and get better content from there.´╗┐

  12. +OneHive RaidsIf I wasn't heading off to college and I knew there would be something competitive I would totally head to a clashcon in the US, but alas I cannot. One thing I do want to bring up is that lately I've noticed some clans with suspicious activity that looked a lot like modded attacks, and I've even met a player with pictures of war replays that showed current war bases with their traps visible who said that modding never died. Have you noticed some of this every now and then, or do you believe that these are more isolated incidents that fell through the cracks? Is this an issue that warrants SC doing another ban wave? If you need a Coffee and Clash section to discuss it that would be great!´╗┐

  13. Ill be there!!!´╗┐

  14. the 'competitive' teams last year were such a joke. just a bunch of crappy gowipers. SC is really missing a goldmine with the Esports community.´╗┐

  15. They're going to tell us how to GoWiWi. Can't wait, I'm thrilled.´╗┐

  16. If the theme was Royale, I wouldn't go even if they held it in my backyard. I take that back, I'd walk out, spam a mass bowler attack with my ear, then chuck my iPad at the developers?´╗┐

  17. Im living in Europe, definitely won┬┤t take a flight to the US for ClashCon lol´╗┐

  18. I think war tournaments are the future of competitive clash of clans. In other words maybe 8 or 16 clans square off and winner moves on to the next round. Can anyone give me an idea of how they might work? (considering it would be tough to pair 8 or even 16 clans evenly)´╗┐

  19. Balance the game and people would consider going´╗┐

  20. Simply put, if you are supercell and you have this brand new game(clash royale) which is currently earning more money than the old game (clash of clans, boom beach, hay day) would you be spending money to create a event for the new game or for the old game. Its understandable that there are many people out there that still plays COC but we should know that the player base is shrinking. Clash royale is a very very P2W game as compare to COC. Supercell already broken our trust more than once from those ridiculous updates and lack of communication etc. Its not the first nor will it be the last. There will be too many poeple out there that still thinks that clash royale would be the next big star. Its just like COC initially. After some time when ideas dry up, less updates went out there… Their bank accounts are filled then its time for them to make a new game. I would think that instead of supporting this type of game company, it might be better to look at certain game companies that are more willing to help out their players´╗┐

  21. lol supercall is trying to revive the dead´╗┐

  22. when clash of clans tries to fix their game but it's like trying to revive the dead´╗┐

  23. if HGHB doesnt exist it could be very interesting to see a TH9 tournament´╗┐

  24. I would like to go but it's not worth it… Why don't they just get a nice booth in e3 like everyone else´╗┐

  25. i'm going to go and spend the whole time playing pokemon go´╗┐

  26. Last year was so underwhelming. Not interested to go. Chief Pat just burned his bridge. How could Supercell invite him as speaker.´╗┐

  27. I wouldn't go to ClashCon even if it were a 5 minute drive due to the exact same reasons/sentiments mentioned in the video.´╗┐