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Clashing Matty Retires from CoC | Update & Break from YouTube

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  1. :(

  2. you did great buddy.. best luck to whatever you do next !!! thanks for everything :)

  3. thanks for your tutorials matty all the best ?

  4. Gl in your future endeavors, and a big thank you from the clash community

  5. show your face matty before you quit coc

  6. Unsubscribed.

  7. I bounced from clash too. Too many things going on in life and the dating life has been going good. Have fun boss.

  8. Thanks for all the videos Matty, I and along side with most of ur subscribers subscribed for you, no for clash. Do what you want to do, and we will help every step of the way, we just want to watch you

  9. Good luck Matty. We all kind of had the sense you were feeling this way, but sometimes you have to admit it to yourself :-)

  10. Wow!! I guess this is a heavy blow to everyone watching your channel. Been following your channel for about 2 years ,I guess. I won't hesitate to say that I became a better Coc player because of you. A huge let down! But life goes on. It's your decision and hope that you have made the right one. Good luck bro.. n thanks for those awesome videos

  11. ive been watching you for just under a year now matty and i like watching your vids but last year was a tough time for me and im not gonna go through it but partially due to these issues i gave up on CoC and i stopped watching your videos which was sad because i liked ypur content but i just didnt enjoy CoC any more but id love to watch you play no mans sky and other games on pc someday hopefully you do change your yt name to zeno matty cos that'll make it easier to recognise that its you. hopefully you have a good time doing what you want to do and do continue youtube at some point and ill be there when you do.

  12. love you matty

  13. Never watched a single video from this channel. It is still sad to see someone who was so passionate about the game quit.

  14. u should make ur channal a u channal post anything that interests you. it doesnt matter wut u upload if someone subs they sub for u not wut u do (i personaly dont care wut u play i just love watching u)

  15. Matty I tried my best to make myself just like. I learned a lot from you. You're an awesome teacher! You deserve this. Enjoy Matty!

  16. Thanks Matty!

  17. xxxxxx

  18. Thanks for your contributions to clash Matty. I enjoyed your videos. Good luck on whatever is next for you.

  19. coc is declining and doesn't have the life it used to.

  20. bye matty, from Germany

  21. it's crazy to think you stopping. I came from consistent luck when I was just a newb in CoC in th8. And you helped me so much in learning how to really win attacks and war. I hope to see you come back eventually. Stay safe and well.

  22. Eh the game is better than I remember it being, ever and I'm three years in. Happy trails sir. thanks for all your hard work.

  23. Considering how great of a player you are Matty, I wouldn't considering retiring from coc, more like graduating from it. I appreciate all your videos, I became a much better clasher because of them.

    Since you just built a gaming pc, maybe you could do videos on a hyperspin build for your new machine? Or CEMU compatibility testing? No one is doing that ATM.

    Whatever you do going forward I wish you luck! Thanks for all the memories. I will keep my eyes peeled for what comes next.