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Cleanup Episode #55

One troop substitution and a few spell changes make all the difference on this 3 star attack. Hope you guys learn something and enjoy. Check out my Patreon …


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  1. Can 3 level 6 lightning spells and a max quake take out a max inferno?

  2. What is the point of the empty compartments we are seeing more and more? This one has a wizard, but definitely more anti-3star bases are having empty compartments.

  3. Perfect tweaks, I always take at least 4 hates with me for balloon attacks. They usually make for a more effective attack. Thanks for the video bro. #JakeOH4SuperCellSpokesman

  4. wish he would say it's jake from state farm!

  5. wish he would say it's jake from state farm!

  6. bless you

  7. bless you

  8. C&C:Before the question I just wanted to say you and your clan really helped me get 3 stars!now everywar almost I get a 3 star.Now for the question what do you think of people saying max th9 and skip to 11? just curious :D

  9. Hey everyone I'm in a level 8 clan and we're getting bored of just facing gowipe anti2 star base clans so is there a way to arrange wars? If so could you tell me please. Thanks.

  10. I have a pretty neat idea for an arranged war… Have a team of only war YouTubers. I know that most of you guys have 2 or 3 accounts, so even a half dozen people might be able to get a 15v15 at least or a 20v20. Would be a cool collaboration to see you guys vs. a variety of members from each of your clans. Off the top of my head I'm thinking you, PB, Matty, Ash, Dart, maybe that lady from the Whales alliances, or anyone else that is considered a war YouTuber. I think Ryan does content for NR, Cheetum has his channel, maybe get whoever is running the OneHive Labs channel as well to get to 20v20 or 25v25. Just a neat idea that occurred to me. You guys could even collaborate to stream the entire 24 hr war. Break it up into 4 or 6 hour chunks. Would be a cool collaboration and get exposure for each other.

  11. Hi Jake,
    First off, congrats on the 100,000 viewers man! Very well deserved. I've been a sub for a long time and really glad to see you get recognized for all of your great work.
    C&C question: could you share your war expertise in what you look for when attacking a TH10? I know to look at infernos and pathing, air vs. ground, but sometimes struggle on the perfect troop composition. I know every base is different, so can you share what a basic scouting process/troop comp. plan should be in planning an attack? I have gotten stuck at high % 2* as late and want to get that elusive 3* at TH10. thanks and cant wait to see you hit 1,000,000 subs!

  12. Jake what do you use to discuss strategy with your team. is there an app that all of you can be on at the same time looking at a base?

  13. Goblins in the Cc? whats the catch?

  14. Why didn't he use the leftover poison on the heroes? That would have slowed then down and the king may have survived longer, leading to the last Xbow going down.

  15. what happened with alpha gill c and coc

  16. what happened to alpha gill?

  17. Love the clean up vids, love the voice, love the clan. Keep up the great vids Jake!

  18. bless you

  19. I ran into someone from OneHive in global this morning. I made sure to let them know that I appreciate their content and contributions to the clash community!

  20. Another good episode. GJ Jake. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Lol watch the lava pups chase the skeleton at 8:50

  22. 405th

  23. Nice attacks

  24. 8:51 Haha look at the skeleton running through the base !

  25. Hey Jake do you think that there is need for awareness about anti 3 star bases……cuz people dnt know that 3 starring anti 2 is pretty easy nd I m bored of 3 starring such poor bases….

  26. Been here since 2.5k subs, content has always been awesome. Also has inspired what I upload on my channel. Keep it up!

  27. Nice cleanup!

  28. First ako putang ina niyo. Hahahahaha

  29. Glad I'm here early! Keep up the beautiful videos, we all love seeing them!