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CLONE SPELL :: 11 QUESTIONS ANSWERED! :: About Clash of Clan’s New Spell!

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  2. I been watching old clash vids today. My clan finally talked me out of my mostly retired clash life and into doing a war with them. Now I can't remember how to attack worth nothing lol

  3. Remind me in a few years when I get high enough in the game to use this.

  4. hey dud /╲/╭( ͡° ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ͡°)╮/╱

  5. Can you stack the clone spells? Like put 2 spells in the same spot and drop 1 golem, will there be 2 clone golems?

  6. Really how

  7. NOTE! Golemites and Pups do indeed spawn however it's nearly impossible to kill them fast enough to benefit from them. Even if you put a level 4 Golem directly next to a level 3 Inferno tower, for example, it will would take nearly 15 seconds to kill the cloned Golem (because it has to kill the original first), so you'd only get roughly 1-2 seconds of Golemite life.

  8. cloned golems and hounds spawn your spell just ran out

  9. If the original unit has been damaged, do the cloned unit spawn at full health?

  10. The reason the pups and golemites disappeared was because the spell ran out, if they died quicker they would of lasted longer

  11. Ash, nowadays I think you're the most active youtuber when It comes to Clash of clans… always worried of answering people's questions and getting our feedback. Differently from others who only cares about Clash Royale. Keep pushing your good work, and more and more success will come!! Cheers

  12. ty man ur great

  13. NOTE! at 1:34 I mistakenly said THREE housing cost on the spell when the actual total would be FIVE. #AshFail

  14. yO

  15. Like=Go on a win streak
    Sub=Go up an arena in a week
    Comment=Go to legendary arena in 3 months
    Ignore= Go down an arena

  16. Great video Ash!

  17. Thanks Ash, you the man!

  18. What happens if you stack clone spells?

  19. Sounds good man

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  21. Sweentness! Thx

  22. hey

  23. Why do all clash of clans youtubers talk the same lol

  24. hello ash your videos clash of clans and royale are really nice not lose any of your videos in Brazil

  25. 3:46 check the barracks

  26. hey im early

  27. there is a new troop

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  29. thx ash..