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  1. im exited

  2. im done

  3. can u clone your heroes ? :/

  4. F yeah

  5. The update sucks, again good stuff for the higher th level

  6. #CQOTD: When are you going to change your intro sequence to say "MYSTLC7"?

  7. clash of clans

  8. oh im ready for the new update come out mystic going to be awesome

  9. The Gem Is 10000

  10. it's just the mirror in clash royale

  11. im so happy

  12. MAN THAT IS AWESOME. I Can Clone My Dragon in war Like i put 10 dragon then put the clone spell and it make's a lot dragon.Dude this make the war soo easy..

  13. does this spell work on heroes????……we can have double warden!!!

  14. some of you guys are copying #HypeGammer12 question

  15. Can you clone a queen King or grand wraden

  16. NO its a bad idea because if we have the clone spell it will be to easy to win

  17. When he said that an elixir spell was coming out I thought it was a spell that could make elixir

  18. when is this update coming????

  19. Can we Clone Heroes ?? Awesome if you have 6 heroes total lol

  20. my thing is juiced

  21. can you clone spells?

  22. He'll yeah that's what I'm talking about

  23. if you can clone your hero, that will be so cool


  25. does thid work on hero's?

  26. what is the sound's name that u use in the beginning of the video ?

  27. you hit 1m subs, NOW tell us what "HWD" means.

  28. cqotd; are you a sneakerhead??

  29. New Troop : Miner

  30. Hey anyone else remember that witelightning said he would explain what HWD meant when he had 1 million subs??

  31. badass

  32. i don't even like clash royal, and still only like CoC

  33. I think one last sneak peek tom

  34. Hey Brandon can you give me a shoutout or can you go and subscribe to my channel and give me advise on how to make videos better? Please?

  35. Wait update tomorrow?

  36. Can u show what your setup is to record your game play

  37. cant wait for the update

  38. Can u clone the heros

  39. Clone spell another clone spell to clone another clone spell and that clone spell will clone another clone spell.