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CoC October Update is Here!!! …(almost) – Let’s Recap! – Clash of Clans

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  1. this is clickbait!!!!!!!!!!!! there is no update I'm gonna un sub! (lol jk can't wait)

  2. when is it really coming out

  3. when's the update??!!??

  4. when will the update be launched? i thought it was today ?

  5. really enjoy your videos man. saw you push to titans, your reaction was priceless lol. your giant Wizz strategy for DE is good too. keep up the good work man

  6. nice video bro now I'm a hater ??

  7. Waiting for the update from the morning, supercell plz ?

  8. Excited for the update. Nice job recapping the highlights from it.

  9. thanks dude nice video can you do a video on friendly wars with other clan 5vs5

  10. I farmed my storages full but they are takin so long so I spent 15 mil on lv9 walls lmao

  11. I'm subscribed, your pretty dope bro

  12. i saw a few videos on this already but you honestly explained everything in more detail then they did. gg.

  13. when the next update will release?