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CoC Town hall 9 – Th9 Farming Base New Update 2016 ANTI Giant , ANTI Hog , Golem + Defense replay

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  1. nice base =)

  2. i will try it,30 days,i will be th 10. maybe you can make those vids as well.

  3. Hello everyone involved Clash Of Clans game! Occasion
    new year 2016 we wish you good health and every success in all fields. The video you see our facility please feedback to our building and if the facility you find this video, please subscribe to our as follows

  4. I see your facility enjoyed it. But I want to be copied to your facility. thank you very much !

  5. Cơ sở này thấy phòng thủ tốt và rất đẹp .

  6. This facility just 3 golem + wiza will be 3-star rated.

  7. wow ! Cơ sở đẹp lắm , tôi sẽ áp dụng nó

  8. I realize that this base has a point to lure the enemy hit a direction close to the town hall does not lose more than 50 resources are very good. great !

  9. Oh! Previously I used a bit like mechanical basis of this profile, but my base is combined logic as your weapons. It probably explains why my base defense is not as good as your base.

  10. I see your video facility is very interesting. It's against the enemy steals great dark.

  11. Hay lắm bạn ơi ! Nhạc nền cũng hay nữa . hehe

  12. Your Base hold a field very well and I hope that it will be great to use this facility as farms.

  13. 你好!我觉得你很多创意的防御基地很不错,但我希望你能给我创意 th8 养殖基地吗?期待您的回复我!

  14. nice background music?

  15. Tôi thấy cơ sở này phòng thủ vàng , dầu đen rất tốt và tôi sẽ coppy nó .