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  1. I love how Tim's the war focused sneak peak presenter. Good stuff bro

  2. balance all the th levels for war and the game will be perfect

  3. Thanks for keeping us in the know Ash ! ?

  4. Which one is the max AD at th9?
    Jesus they look ugly but the Biggest one looks badass

  5. W-T-F is going on with these airdefenses? …. xD

  6. عاشت ايدك??

  7. did u guys see new level barrack! WOW

  8. Nooooo not an extra inferno tower level… :S It is already too strong!

    The rest is pretty good though!
    By the way, llevel 9 mortar, how much more do witches need to be nerfed? Seriously, soon no th11 attack will at any point use any witches ever at all, at the very least not against another th11. Witches are not just dead, they got murdered four times in a row, quartered, burned and the remainders thrown out. I now know with certaincy that witches will be the most useless and underused unit in the game.

  9. Did anyone see the new dark troop at 4:69

  10. New dark barracks building yay

  11. sub me .. and i back to u

  12. You used level one spells :1

  13. Damn im late again but im exited bout the new Defence Levels

  14. 3:38 new lvl 7 dark barracks skin leaked! so far all spAncers leaks were true but the healer nerf, rocketeer mybe? ^

  15. Am I the only one that saw that dark barrack :-0

  16. spAnser's leaks were true

  17. I stopped playing clash hope this gets me back in to it

  18. O boy :)

  19. 5th

  20. New level of key defences = NEW TROOP
    New air D ugly as f

  21. 2nd liker

  22. hi

  23. First liker