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COC UPDATE – SNEAK PEEK 2 – NEW TROOP LEVELS! [Lvl 6 Hogs, Lvl 5 Valks, Lvl 7 Goblins]

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  1. New de barrack lvl!

  2. I was wearing headphones whil watching. The intro have so less volume so I turned up the vol to full. And then he talked and my ears rip.

  3. oh poison spell.. look out guys..

  4. Ash please clash royale vids

  5. This is great and all but we need gameplay updates! I hope we get something like clan war tournaments or etc. soon.

  6. So the hogs and valks are 100% available at th10?

  7. th 10 will get that troop levels?

  8. how can I play on beta too?

  9. they should nerf infernos they are destroying the game

  10. hallelujah thank God this update has came out. maybe I'll end up giving it 5 stars again

  11. pb gaming has been right. Now we see some reasons why they reduced the attack time. Attacks with other troops should be viable again at town hall 10/11. Looking forward to the videos about th 10/11 attack strategy in clan wars after the update.

  12. is that a mew level dark barrack ???

  13. I don't see the point of lvl 7 goblins for th 10 and 11. Because of high splash damage, multiple xbows, and especially multi infernos I don't see how they are viable for raiding. giving th 9 lvl 6 however is a nice improvement.

  14. I just got a level 5 hog… Fuck.

  15. Much needed update

  16. Heck, I'm gonna be usin these every war attack lol! I have 100k de right now and I was gonna do a hero after I save a little more but I'll save it for the update

  17. Finally! It only makes sense for lv6 hogs. How are they gonna add another giant bomb and another giant bomb level at th10 and not give us stronger hogs? Plus, th8 hog CC are happy lol. I'm gonna miss the flames on my hogs though since I'm th9 :(

  18. NO DONT DO THAT CHANGE TO THE POISON. And also, judging by how easy that raid was, valks are gonna be the next witch. Gj supercell

  19. Nice

  20. Ash! That dark barracks tho! New troops right? ?

  21. What was the new dark barracks