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Coffee and Clash Episode #19

More of your wonderful questions set to the background of awesome 3 star attacks, what could be better? Please leave me questions for future videos. Check out …


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  1. Hey jake, I really enjoy all the content you put out on this channel, keep up the good work. My Coffee and Clash question is do you think that is possible that town hall ten as of right now is balanced and people just need to figure out some new strategies to achieve a 3 star more frequently? And are there people in OneHive who are working on new strategies?

  2. Hey Jake, love your vids, been here since 4k subs. I remember how you did a collaboration with Hulk (The Hulk Files) before in clash, do you think you may do a collaboration with him or maybe Frank (FranktheTank) in VainGlory?

  3. Nice vid Jake

  4. we had a maintenance break 2 days ago and since then ive has great loot and finding loads of dead bases in crystal 1 to masters 3 with super queen. can i ask if you have noticed any difference in the last 48 hours for loot? im upgrading everything where i was struggling before post big update. in the UK by the way

  5. Where do you submit questions for your coffee and clash series?

  6. Hey Jake, love those long videos 😀 C&C question: I know you kind of answered this question in a video a while ago, but my biggest problem is to encourage my clan members to watch your vids and just get an idea of how to use hogs and other troops. Have you ever thought about making something like a channel trailer so the guys that are just on the edge of getting into the three star game can see how enjoyable it is without having to spend "a whole lot of time" as they say. Also it would be nice to have a concrete thing to show them and not just "search for One Hive on YouTube and watch some of the content".
    Love from Germany. 🙂 Also, awesome that you and Galadon talked about the problems between the two of you and solved them like grown men. 😉
    Keep it up!

  7. If Galadon actually implemented such rule then I feel sorry for him.

  8. Jake, I'm pretty sure SOME lost Phoenix clans probably made the rule not to mention you not because of your actions but because it was starting drama in the clan with people who supported you and people who support spencer. I'm part of Chiron and from what I see, people from LP don't have any issue with you and often watch your vids. This quarrel is between you and spencer. Not LP and Onehive.

  9. at th9 I feel a golem is a better cc defense than a hound

  10. Hey do you think it's as obvious as I do that this whole update was just a push for money? Also, do you think they can implement any farming bonuses to bring some players who quit back? + love the vids keep it up hombro

  11. South Africa anyone?

  12. Germany?

  13. Hey Jake. I am the leader of FULL ATTACK! We watch your vids, and there is no rule saying we can't watch your vids. You have gotten the wrong information sadly. The reason they got in trouble was because they disrespected Galadon and Spencer23$, saying that you were so much better than them, which shouldn't be done when you are in their clan. I'm sorry you were fed the wrong information, but we love your channel.

  14. Jake wtf! I like memphis bbq 🙁 lol jk? Keep up the great work man!

  15. dude Jake, you're 100% correct! don't cave in about your food opinions to anyone! if someone is offended…..that's on them, not you! gg man!

  16. is everyone so dumb haha peter17$ is galadon making a different voice

  17. Do you and HoldMyB33rforMe still talk/get along or are your ties broken since he mods?

  18. Thanks for posting and answering my question Jake!

  19. I dont have much to expect for the war update

  20. CaC Question: When I do a War attack I consider it a win only when i get the 3 stars in 3:00 minutes. If i can't, i don't quit but i'm not happy with what i did. I was thinking: Why don't you all do, in arranged wars, the rule which says: No extra Dark spell and after 3:00 minutes You have to quit the raid. I understand that in normal wars it's impossible but in arranged wars both of the clans could have more fun by playing the same game that we were playing before the update.
    (I hope to have written in correct English ;D but I'm an Italian boy)
    P.S. I was in FULL ATTACK!! too and I can tell u that we all left because we think the exact same. It was like a dictatorship, an unlivable dictatorship! I'll do my best to let everybody know our new war clan but my channel is very very little and i'm even Italian. My question is: can u do an Hitchhiker episode one day on our clan??