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Coffee and Clash Episode #20

The next round of your questions answered set to the background of amazing 3 star attacks. Hope you guys enjoy and leave me questions for future videos.


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  1. C&C question: Do u think age determines the clans you can get into? I am only 15 and i have over 650 war stars and I destroy maxed 9s and rushed 10s with only 20/20 heroes?

  2. what would be the best strategy for a th8 going to 2 star a th9?

  3. C&C hey jake, I was wondering if you are planning on doing a Clash Royale series of some sort? Love the vids keep up the awesome work!

  4. Jake, I feel the exact same way towards Clash Royale as you do! I feel like this:
    1. "Ugh, got a notification… Just one match"
    2. Gets owned and overwhelmed with frustration
    3. Closes app and hopes to not play again
    4. After a day or two, the cycle above repeats.

  5. guys about modding once i was became th 9 with 10/10 heroes was modding and still failed and wasnt.happy with my skills then in summer i lost my phone and didnt want to.root my new one …. i started to practice without mod and getting better and better …. now j can pull 3 stars sometimes but still needs peefection and trust me its a good feeling to 3 star someone without mod rather than with… just dont mod its really noobish … thx for reading

  6. Hey Jake c&c question. Do ever wonder how much of your audience is a modder or used to mod? Keep up the great work on the vids.

  7. On the giants with Surg Hog…..I bring 2 giants, but I typically like to deploy them towards the end of the hog run after heals have been deployed and as they are moving to the last couple of defenses to distract. Also it's even better of the defending BK is close to the edge and I can distract him as well.

  8. who cares shut the fck up

  9. C&C: Have You ever played Clash royale ? If yes are you gonna make videos on it

  10. C&C: hi

  11. C&C : would you ever considered doing an arranged war with pre poison update rules like, no de spells, 3min attacks?

  12. Great job Jake !!

  13. Hey Jake! c&c question: Pleas state your opinion on this: I think you say th 9 is out of balance because you guys were 9's for a while and are just realy have everything figured out while new th 9's like me are still trying out new things all the timeand dont fill like th 9 is not balanced. Love your vids, keep it up. (clash royale?).

  14. Hey, I am trying to submit my application on your website. BT it's not working. When I press submit button it's just loading & loading & loading. so plz #OneHiveRaids figure this out.

  15. Long time fan, C&C question.
    Do you think that Supercell may have deliberately unbalanced Town Hall 9 to try to force the hand of the war community into pushing into TH10 en masse? They could've easily made the CC dark spell slot something for TH10/11 only for a higher level clan castle. By pushing the war community into TH10, they would get thousands of accounts progressing onwards and doing things like gemming to skip upgrade times to grow further, and spend money on the game.

  16. I cheat because it's fun no excuse necessary I enjoy the game better with using mods then not

  17. Someone in my clan recently offered to tell me the trap spots on a base in war. He's new in the clan. Should I kick him? I'm not leader I'm just elder

  18. C&C Question: This may be very hard to determine, but who do you believe is the most talented attacker at OneHive? Thanks Jake, love the videos man!

  19. C&C. Does clash royale have potential to pass clash of clans in popularity and users?

  20. Hey jake, Love your vids quick C&F question:How do we join OH and your thoughts On X-Modders who stopped would you ever try help them get in your clan etc love the vids keep up the good work!:)

  21. Coffee and Clash question : i am a max th 9 with lvl 25-25 heroes and 100 lavas is it worth to be a 9.5 or should i max my base first. keep up the good work..!!

  22. Why do you choose vainglory over a much more complex moba like dota ?

  23. Jake I'm a newer th9 and I sucked with my hog attacks but watching/taking notes from your channel has helped my attacks, just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work

  24. C&C:Has OH ever considered doing a war where you set yourself a rule such as everyone must use eq spells in their attack or at least 5 witches? If not it would be a good way to challenge yourself especially if you're finding the current state of the game(th9) to easy.

  25. C&C: Hey Jake, I was wondering how u keep an interest in the game when u are upgrading heroes. I am constantly upgrading them and the time it takes just makes the game not as interesting

  26. Coffee and clash question: What are the advantages of surgical hogs over just strategically placing all the hogs in one or two areas and letting them move as a larger pack?

  27. Jake, i thought you we're going to th10? :p if so, haste spells are 100% needed, seeing as air attacks are the most used strategy up here :3

  28. you said every single game has cheaters/hackers/modders , but my friends play league and they say leaguee gets a maintenance every day/2 days so you wouldn't have the time to develop a hack that would have the time to be used

  29. coffee and clash question. Do you feel it is more productive to be the big fish in the small pond "top guy in a small clan". or to join a bigger clan and push up with even leveled players. thanks for all the work love the binja live.

  30. after start playing vg, your outro always reminds me of ringo's ult lol

  31. What music does one like?

  32. C&C question: Have you ever been recognized in public by a fan? But not at any certain events, just a random spot

  33. Jeez Ivan's attacks… 3 starring th9 with lava walls and 30/30 heroes with 15/15 heroes… Mind= blown

  34. C&C Question: Hey Jake, I'm a huge fan of your videos! Keep it up! Do you think that wall prices should be decreased for all th levels? It's ridiculous that I will have to spend 3 million elixir or gold on a wall only to receive a very low number of hit points. Again, keep up the good work and avoid those bashing on you!

  35. Hey guys i need help. I remember an old war recap where blueproud did a giheho, but can't remember which war was it. Do you guys remember?

  36. hey jake C&C Q : a couple of days ago i attacked a th 9 with low level air defences and i was really confident at 3 starring it but before i knew it all defences were down but my hounds were all up and i didn't have enough clean up. what do you think of future 8.5s with good double giant bombs and low level air defences to prevent both hogs and lava?

  37. Coffee and Clash question: Can you do a new serie where you correct some attacks. It could be called "What could I have done better?". We would send you some replays and you would point out what we could have done better. I have been learning a lot with your channel and I feel this is the next step I need. A teacher that corrects me. Thanks for your videos, I enjoy them a lot!

  38. WOOOOOOOO represent SA !

  39. It took me until I have 15 15 heroes to get my walls to 9. Now should I start to upgrade defenses or go to level 10 walls? I dont want to be a burden to my clan with war weight. Thanks!

  40. Same opinion, Clash Royale is a pay to win right now and i don't play anymore, maybe later i will try it again, but now? Awfull experience if you don't buy gems.

  41. Coffee and Clash question : I know this is kinda random but have you ever clicked on global and chat there? And if you did, did anyone recognise you? Thanks Jake!

  42. I have heard in globals by use to be onehivers they have said that u guys use xmods. is that true??

  43. You're going to need haste at th10 lad…

  44. hi