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Coffee and Clash Episode #24

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  1. C&C: Great song to transition over to town hall 10, in your later past video. I was wondering if your buddy who wrote that song, could make a chord sheet and lyric sheet to that song, for guitar. Great stuff Jake!! Always will be a subscriber!

  2. coc question if you do a series on vg will you bring the guys from the main vain i think that would be awesome

  3. CACQ: what are your thoughts about farm war clans,i joined one because it was getting boring being at a war clan while heros are upgrading. had no idea how big of a concept it is in clash they have a gigantic community of 150+ clans that all start wars at the same time and match each other getting massive loot for minimum effort.

  4. hi jake awesome vids man, they are the reason i can do all my attacks. i just have a small fun question: i have been thinking if people would bring diffrent troops in the cc than golems and lavahounds if they were able to deploy the cc troops one at a time?

  5. C&C question: If i can show you attacks from my clan that are fairplay gowipe 3 stars against near max th9s will you stop dissing it? if you just spam troops its a 2 star attack i agree with that 100%, but we have people who use Idoodle (a drawing app) to draw out their plans for gowipe and consistantly get 3 stars with it.

  6. C&C question. TH9 is now easy for the elite war clans. But, how many more non-elite clans are out there? My point, maybe SC made TH9 easier because they don't want a majority of the players to get frustrated and quit? My clan and myself still have fails at TH9, and we go against a lot of clans that also have fails. Your thoughts? Also, maybe SC wanted the people sitting at TH9 to upgrade to 10 and 11? More upgrades = more gems spent? What do you think? (Btw, many of my clan mates and myself are getting 3 stars more frequently because of ur vids. Many thx to you for the vids that u put out!!)

  7. Idk if it's just me but I'd rather face a top tier modding clan than a gowipe clan any day tho getting a random matchup with a really good fp clan is always a treat

  8. Coffee and Glory question: I play a lot of support, because I find that most players are not as vigilant about vision as I am. I strongly feel that vision and smart support play can make or break each match for my team. However, I also enjoy being the damage dealer, and I miss playing that way too. Any advice?

  9. C&C Q: Jake, recently Warren was on the ByeForever Show podcast and mentioned that SC actually have reached out to you, Ash, PB and others in the hardcore war scene. Can you confirm this (if not just cough) and go into any detail?

  10. did that aq walk on dirt lol?… best th9 in history….hell

  11. The only way to beat modders is to join them. Now I can even 3* maxed out TH 10s. I used to be a fair play guy but am tired of this shit and complaining is useless. Trust me it's so much fun to mod. Anyways, upcoming update will have something that might make modding difficult or something else (according to Galadon) but it's just a matter of time, modders will win again

  12. C&CQ: hey jake love your videos been a sub since 15k subs, im a new th9.5 and i would consider myself a decent 3 star attacker but i have never been in a elite FPC, do u reckon it is too late for me to join a elite FPC as i am used to being in wars where we dominate alot of these gowipe clans? i would like to transition to a clan that has more compition. thanks ✌

  13. new series should be vainglory and vodka!

  14. C&C: Does ur wife play clash?

  15. Would much rather watch the skillful, fair and just better gameplay of vg than clash

  16. Beer and vain?

  17. I dont even play play clash anymore but I continue to watch this series, keep it up, also would love to have a similar series for vainglory ;)

  18. Question: do u guys use clash tools or clash caller?

  19. Hi Jake! Big fan here of your videos and I was wondering if the day ever came where Supercell approached you about working for them either temporarily or permanently, specifically within a war think-tank and also in PR, would you take the job even if it meant traveling back and forth from Finland?

  20. Hey Jake, what do you think would improve town hall 10 for offense? Do you think adding the grand warden to town hall 10 would help? Have a great day!

  21. CACQ: Thanks for all the great work and help you have given to me and the rest of your viewers now let's not stick in the butterup swamp haha, If you whould design a whole new troop for th9 and higher what would it be and how should you had used it?

  22. Have you considered letting another member of OH do say the war recap to give you more time, as you are progressing to th10 ?

  23. C&C: My Future for the game is war. My clan is a popular clan, and i am an elder, but we are not very heavy on war, should i try to join OH or WHF, or stay? Thx jake

  24. that Snip Alumni's attack using superking + superqueen was absolutely CRAZY!

  25. coffee and clash royale? huh hu??

  26. Would OH prefer to match up against a good modding clan with good base designs , or pure gowipe clan using terrible base designs, both in the short and long term?

  27. What is your take on Matty leaving emphatic elite? is fpc dying?

  28. Lol that bitch slap on the queen at 4:50 ????

  29. C&C , How do you get your clan members back into the game because some of my members feel like clash is dying and moving on to Clash Royale (which is a fun game) , Or its something you can't convince them do to do ?

  30. C&C: Hey Jake. 2 different questions: 1.since th9 is become pretty easy to 3*, how many th9 hits are discussed on twidla?
    2. did you ever considered to remove outdated vids from your channel? like realy old base building videos or hitchhiker vids of now known modding clans

  31. C&C: hey jake! love ur vids man. I have been here since 20k subs . You helped me perfect th8 atks but me and some fellow clanmates have a few questions
    1-how can i decide which path to take (should i be a hog expert, laloon expert,valk expert etc…)
    2-at th8.5/9.5, how should i know when to throw in another defense

    thnx for all the awesome content u put out there!

  32. Snip's attack!

  33. Party is scared

  34. Upload clash royale. Clash of clans + modders = turn off.

  35. Damn I was here since 3000 subs. How long has it been lol

  36. I can agree with you that the offensive buffs for townhall 9s has made war raids so easy, but you have to consider the changes of base building (and cc troop compositions). If you would take armies and attack capabilities of pre-pre-update townhall 9 attacks, you wouldn't even get close to a three star. I think the updates (that made war raids "easier") made us (the war guys) develop base building and such. So in my opinion, war raids are easy nowadays, that's a fact, but it's still not so easy that everybody can master the skill and ability level to three star ANY base. It's just the gap between more "casual" war guys and "hardcore" war guys that is smaller now.

    I hope you understand what i wrote, greetings from 6 Schlitzes and Switzerland

    love your content, keep it up Jake

  37. C&C question. I assume OH is a closely nit group and y'all have many friendships in there. my question is do y'all still stay in contact with people who went to the darkside (holdmybeer, etc.) and people who were kicked out?

  38. Sub to my channel please

  39. Sub to my channel please

  40. C&C fucking question:Hi Jake, what do you think about auto-farming programmes like my bot, clash farmer bot…etc,love your vids, they helped me alot in 3 starring attempts, thank you and clash on, note : I have been posting this fucking question for the fucking forth time.wish you answer the fucking question.

  41. Isn't clash dead already?

  42. C&C: Hey Jake, what do you think about war bonus loot? Do you think th system is fine or does it need changes? What changes would you make? Thanks for all the vids!

  43. I am a th10, farming my base to max, I never really got into war very much. I am wondering what the best "beginner" war strategy is for th10?

  44. C&C Question: At TH8, is it worth sticking to 1 attack strategy, or investing Elixr and time into other troops to improve at multiple strategies? Nice vids, keep up the good work!

  45. The way he said Raichu ?

  46. C&C: Hey Jake first of all keep up the vids I'm finding them useful and very enjoyable. Okay what's your opinion of dead zones in anti 3 star bases and do u think it's even worth having a deadzone? Also I know u like showing gameplay of ur fellow clan mates but once u get to th10 will u be showing more gameplay of ur self?

  47. "Coffee and Clash" and "Glory and Beer"……I can see it now!!!

  48. Just a quick question jake, I watch matty's videos, and apparently his son Ben loves the power button, have one of your kids ever deleted one of your videos or are they not allowed to get in that glorious room?