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Coffee and Clash Episode #25

More viewer questions answered to the sweet sight of OH 3 star attacks! Hope you enjoy the Clash of Clans action and as always leave me questions for future …


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  1. C&C: Since Th9 isn't 'the thing' any more in wars, why doesn't Onehive start recruiting more th10s and 11s as th10s+ got offensive buff after the update? Also, since there are many maxed th9s in Onehive do the Co leaders in your clan motivate the maxed 9s to go to th10 where there are more strategic and planned attacks? Thanks and good work as always.

  2. Hey Jake love ur videos! Favorite clash channel! I got a question regarding "the state of clash" I think it is in a very good spot now and has potential to be rejuvenated back to the glory days! I was hopeful when they rebalanced th6 and 7 and assumed they are working on balance in war. With this update I think they are moving a huge step towards balance at th10! And the balance at th9 seems to be almost back where it used to be. What's your take on "the state of clash" right now?

  3. Jakes probobly answered this but why doesnt he play ClashRoyale

  4. C&C: Do you think Super Cell should include a loot exchange system to where we can exchange our gold for elixir and vise versa. Also do you think that We can exchange gold or elixir for dark elixir with a given ratio?

  5. C&C: when the healer Nerf takes effect, do you think the queen walk will no longer be viable for war attacks?

  6. C&CQ: Hey Jake, enjoy your videos and your personality. My question is how do you feel about possibly separating War Bases and Your Village base even more? Make your war troops in your war base and no more Gemming heroes or spell factory for war, they are always ready to go in your war base.

  7. Jake I'm not sure you completely understood that comment about the clash with ash vid. The point of it was to say that the .5 strategy is not viable as we once believed – it is actually a disadvantage because the higher weighted offense player may bring in a higher weighted enemy overall into the matchup. What we see by war "ranking" is nothing but a representation of defensive strength, whereas offensive strength is more of a broad match for the entire clan. The more balanced a clan's bases may be, the more likely it is to find a fair matchup.

  8. C&C question: considering all the people that have exited the clash community within the last few months. Do you think things like war associations are essentially saving this game? Making people hold out long enough for SC to finally get it right? Love the channel… Subbed since around 2k! Keep up the solid work Jake

  9. Easy solution to the matchmaking, and some people not being patient enough to wait, is to just make it an option when you start war. A "Matchmaking gets more lenient after 30 mins" toggle would easily make both camps happy.

  10. C & C Can you have a war with lost phoenix

  11. Wtf… Wall breakers in CC at @5:50 ?

  12. the other reason we wait is because sometimes you are waiting for a point defense to lock onto the AQ, otherwise there is a chance that the point defense will lock onto the healers instead. Also, sometimes we wait to drop healers because of healer positioning. Sometimes we let her clear a few buildiing and move to to the left or right a little bit, which may be a better starting point for the healer position, with respect to ADs and such (Jon Snow — OHG)

  13. C&C Question: Do you think with back to 3 minute raid, the little nerf to poison, we will see more Elite 8's content? I love that series! (Coro, proud Patreon.)

  14. How would u use the posion spell now after the update??

  15. * just gonna be honest, I spent a month working in Scandinavia over the summer, they have a BIIIG bias against the American southern accent. It's dumb, but I bet it's as simple as that. * An interesting idea occurred to me… what if whatever the search time ends up being… it was automatically pulled off of the prep day? That'd be cool. Satisfying the impatient and the competitive, maybe.

  16. C & C : Thoughts on ClashHeads retiring?

  17. I did a video on what the War Algorithm should be based off of

  18. War weight is bullshit just got matched 30v30 war we bought 13 th9s they have 17 we have 1 th10 they have 2, not to mention the amount of weight bases that the other team has. By weight bases I mean rushed bases with decked offense

  19. C&C question: have you ever tried hogs and healers (healing the hogs)? If so, does it work?

  20. C&C Question: what do you think of the idea of player perks? Little things to make life easier like reduced spell time, faster builders, ect.

  21. C&C: Hey member of Bada Bing Clan here, thanks for hitch hiker video awhile back once again. Wanted your input on arranged wars, we've had issues matching even with very balanced weights. Clash with Ash mentioned .5s offensive weights are changing the way wars are found, how do we go about factoring in this offensive weight numbers wise? Thank Jake

  22. C & C: any comments about the storm factory war since replays were wiped?

  23. really no bowler talk?…my boy ash woulda had bowler strats by now

  24. C&C: What do you say on inferno towers only reducing heal? instead of fully preventing it, just reducing it by half or so?

  25. c &c question :- jake u don't like modding right but a lot of clans use their lower guys to scout the higher bases after the lower ones r cleared isn't that similar to modding u get 2 know the traps n all btw I'm not a modder love ur channel

  26. C&C Question. hey man long time subscriber. clash aiside. are you the kind of guys that takes his car to get a oil change "not that there's anything wrong with that" or are you the kind of guy who rather change it himself. Love the Channel and Great content you produce

  27. In wars I am no 1 and leader as a th9. There is no other town hall 9s in our clan. Every war we have bad matchups where the opponent has 2 or 3 town hall 9s. I think when there is only 1 of the town hall at the top they perimeter needs to be zero.

  28. how did this channel make it 100k subs

  29. What Non-FP clan retired recently? I heard a modding clan retired but idk which one.

  30. Kouki is a th10 now too!

  31. why has Onehive become small? is there any friction or differences in the clan?… OH is my fav clan. would like to see you war against Glory