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Coffee and Clash Episode #26

Thank you guys for the awesome questions, hope you enjoy the Q&A as well as the amazing 3 star attacks in the background. As always please leave me …


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  1. C&C Q:  1) Howdy Jake! If a war clan declares itself to be fair play, do you believe this would attract closet modders or dissuade them? I ask because as a kid I had a tree fort and hung up a sign that said 'no girls allowed'. For some reason, only after I hung up the sign did the girls want inside.               2) Is it enough to declare that your clan fair play for it to become fair play, or is more action required than that?

  2. C&C Hey Jake, how do you feel about possibly adding lvl 1 inferno towers or a just a single inferno to try and combat the loss of difficulty at town hall 9 . This would be similar to how the gave town hall 9 the lvl 1 freeze spell.

  3. C&C question: I came up with an idea of balancing th10 3 stars. What if th10's would be allowed to get the warden but could only upgrade him to level 5. Do you think this would balance th10?

  4. C&C: I hear a lot about how strong inferno towers are. But I hardly ever see single target in any war recaps, even for more casual clans. Kind of like how healers never got used until their update. Instead of a broad overall nerf, supercell needs to add incentive for people to use a single target. Maybe that is a specific nerf to multi or making single targets focus tank troops first. What are your thoughts?

  5. These are my favorite! Do more of them!!

  6. 100% predictable 75% of the time.

  7. Killing modding? Not happening when Nadis is a genius.


  9. Hay Jake do you think they will come out with a range wall breaker?

  10. Hay make do you think they will come out with a range wall breaker?

  11. Hey Jake,

    1) How much revenue do you get off YT per month (average)?
    2) Thoughts on when/if clash of clans will die off?
    3) Thoughts on Clash Royale?

  12. C&C Hey Jake. I've been hearing a lot of mixed opinions on modding and I would like to hear yours. my question is: What kind of advantages are qualified as FP and which ones aren't? I know some people who believe defenceless th11s with Max offence aren't FP, and I know some people who think spying is FP. I'm really torn and would like to hear what you think.

  13. C&C: Jake, you just said buying an account is against costumer terms of service ,yet A$ap Auzzy bought an account and is in OH.. I'm just curious what your opinion on this is. Thanks for thr great content. Been her since around about 1k subs.

  14. Hey Jake, do you think when it comes to th9 attacks, that GoLaLoon is used less frequently than attacks such as GoVaHo and goho? Especially post-update I don't see many using GoLaLoon in war and if they do its not successful. Do you think maybe it has a higher difficulty level than using the hogs?

  15. C&C: infernos? 1st, make it so multis have 50% heal reduction. singles target the strongest units (dmg*hp add 30% if ability is unused) ), which means it kills king and pekka fast, then golems, etc.

    2nd: do you think th10 and 11 govaho is OP, or do you think other stuff needs to be buffed, or do you think defenses for 10 and 11 need to be nerfed, along with valks? (along with 30 seconds, should extra be just for 10 and 11 th defense, certain xp level, altogether, not at all?)

    3rd: do you think queen should have larger vision to avoid beating walls so often?

    and lol yeah, been here forever working on it, finally maxed for 9 less wizards teslas and bows. heroes still 20/20… still got a grind to go. all troops are -1 or maxed less archers, drags, DE spells, and minions.

  16. C&C: Jake's the type of guy to ______? #StreamSquad

  17. C&C question: I've seen clash of clans have shared a few of your videos on Twitter, do you think they might be trying to encourage people into the 3 star attack strategies. Subbed since 300, keep up the good work

  18. C&C: Hey jake, i am in a popular clan and i earned elder, but my future is war. I want to do competitive wars but i dont know what to do. Leave and Join OH or WHF or stay.
    Thx jake, love the vids, keep up the work

  19. Jake just spend 10$ on an ios bot why would you spend hundreds just to remain so awesomely FAIRPLAY

  20. C&CQ: How many original (or veteran) onehive players are still in the clan? It seems like more and more "new" guys every vid. Been here since 15k!

  21. C&C: Heya Jake….What is the weirdest/funniest name your Clan has ever seen on CoC…either a pub chat or War clan!?

  22. C&C Question: Would you still consider Onehive as one of the let´s say 20 best fp clans? Don´t you think that there just are Clans who are better at the TH10/11 game (WW, SL, name just a few)?

    No offense btw, long time subscriber – still loving your content, keep it up!

  23. What's your opinion on the price of walls?

  24. C&C: Jake what do you think of supercell adding a weekly single player map which has an anti-3 base. The loot reward could be based on how many stars you get, allowing good practice for war minded players and some easy loot for farmers.

  25. C&C: Jake , can I do a queen walk with a level 10 queen and level 3 healers. If so, how much time do I all to tick off before commencing the remainder of my attack?

  26. Cnc question: dont u think valks r too strong right now and r getting nerfed soon?

  27. How I have been farming as a mid-high level th10 is batching with 4 giants 4 wbs in the camps in masters 1-champs. Here is the catch, I don't farm dead bases. I go for 50 percent so I get a 130-160k bonus, plus if collectors have like 40k in them….what I do is I circle around the base and at the end drop the 4 giants then wbs then heroes to grab that 50 percent, plus if there is a DE storage on second row of walls I get that….I have been farming this way all of th10…..very efficient. You guys try it if you need a farming strategy and let me know how it works. Also any questions leave down in the reply.

  28. Since you are now a TH10, what is your best advice to a fairly new TH9 trying to max out? (What should I prioritize as far as upgrades, etc.)

  29. Jake, don't you love the new bomb animations? Like a seismic charge. Badass.

  30. Hey Jake, do you have any ideas for new troops?

  31. C&C Question: If Supercell could instantly detect all modders with 95% success rate (5% of modders dodge it, 5% of fairplayers get accused), and they would all get instantly banned (temporary or permanent), would you be happy with that happening? If so, what would the lowest success rate be, with you staying happy? If not, what success rate would you be happy with? Keep up the great vids!

  32. lol got banned from coclfc in bindle for asking for a vg guild once, very strict. anyways is there a guild recruitment place for vg on bindle

  33. C&C question: What would you think of a troop ( a chicken) that can shoot over walls and throws eggs wich have a 25% chance of containing a little chicken wich attacks the building. a bit like the goblin barrel.
    Btw keep up the good work man! ;)

  34. C&C: What do you believe is getting people bored of this game? The lack of balance all town halls? or do you think coc has just been out for so long that its running its life cycle? will additions of new content bring people back in your opinion?

  35. Coffee and Clash: What are the reasons why you think clash royale isn't worth playing? Also will you consider joining the OneHive clash royale clan if the right changes are made to the game?

  36. hey Jake, just wanna thank you again for visiting my clan (Lagniappe_) and viewing our war attacks. You are welcome back whenever! Hope to see you again man. Keep up the good work!

  37. C&C-Question: Are you happy about the deduction of 30 seconds? Because although th 9 is great it's dying out and th 10/11 is more favourable, it is not as easy to triple as a 10 using aq lalo because of the time, valks on the other hand is up too skill and a bit of luck and heroes. Th 11 triples aren't really in the picture, yet. Thanks Jake,

  38. I've been playing on the other account for like 1 year and 2 months and have important lab stuff maxed + 40/40/9 + Max magmas. So I wouldn't say it takes a year to farm a Max nine to Max 10 unless the player is completely out of time

  39. C&C question: You said that TH10 was only a few tweaks away from being balanced. How close do you think it is now after the new level hogs and valks? Seems like th11 is the new th10 now.

  40. Am I the only person that finds it odd, that now the Valk is Buffed, and the Witch was nerfed? Why do they ruin great troops. The reason for Witch, for me, was trap activation with GoWiWi @Thrivetech77

  41. Dat AQ/Valk walk @9:50 doe…. What a unique attack.

  42. Woo thx jake finally got a question in!