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Coffee and Clash Episode #27

Viewer questions answered to the sweet sights of 3 stars from the boys and girls of the Hive. Hope you guys enjoy and as always please leave me questions for …


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  1. C&C question: Hey Jake, now that the valks are kind of op, do you think that it would be a good idea to set one or more (maybe even all) xbows to ground only at TH9+ ? Or do you think that the base would be too vulnerable to air attacks? Keep up the great work.

  2. C&c question: why do you think super cell has not released any merchandise for clash of clans?I don't know about you but I'm a grown man in his 30s but I'd buy a bunch of stuff to put on my desk at work. Bobble head hog rider, clan castle piggy bank, t-shirts, town hall Scentsy, I don't care! I'd probably buy everything!

  3. There is no GW at TH9 and mass valks still rolls a base in 2min.

  4. 7:008:00 My thoughts exactly.

  5. Coffee and Clash Question: Are you afraid of bees?

  6. C&C: What are your thoughts on non-defense villages with a powerful TH9-10 or 11 offensive army?

  7. C&C: Is it wrong to change your base layout at the last minute of war prep? You know how some ppl like to attack at the very start of the war, so they have their troops/strategy planned out. But then you change your base so they either have to waste those troops or wait and re-plan their attack. Thoughts?

  8. C&C question! What do you think about Clan war Tournaments and if you think it's a good idea how would you do it? If you don't like it explain why. I love your vids man keep up the good work!

  9. C&CQ: What is your favorite movie and food? (I know this isn't related to clash I was just wondering)

  10. Hi jack, What strategy do you like the most for dark elixir farming/gold&elixir farming? Or do you war?
    Another qn, do you like war more than farming or farming more than war?
    Note-true, war may give you loot xD

  11. :)

  12. coffe and clash: jake u said that warden needs a buff?…what r your thoughts on increasing grand wardens hp and make the warden fav target of the eagle? this could promote more multi stage attacks.

  13. C&C question: Obviously the term Fairplay is arbitrary as there is no rulebook, but what really defines Fairplay in your opinion? I've heard people say Fairplay is to not have an unfair advantage, in which case .5 townhalls are not considered FP. How would you define it? and please don't say obeying the terms and conditions… thanks man love your vids

  14. C&C Questions: What was your favorite armor composition at th8? And, what would you recommend to upgrade out of Valkyries to level 2, golems to 2, or king to 10?

    P.S. Keep up the fantastic work, been subscribed from about 20k, I just don't comment that much because I hate the negative thing in it.

  15. Great vid

  16. C&C question: Do you guys at OneHive usually build new bases when they get 3* in random match ups? Mostly all the nines get cleared at this level of war (I don't have to tell you) and so it would cost much time to build a new base after every single cw…
    Keep up the good work man! I get better and better at 3* because of your channel. :)

  17. Hi Jake, i know this is a hypothetical question, but if you had to delete either clash or vainglory, which one would it be? Thanks for the great content, been a fan since about 15 k!

  18. hey hake do you play clash royale?

  19. Hey Jake C&C question: this sort of spans several games I play LoL clash and vg. It seems as the first two games aged that the communities in them became much more toxic at different levels of play. Making them less and less fun. On the other hand vg doesn't seem to be taking this route. Why do you think this is that some portions of communities become toxic while others don't?

  20. Love the way you explained the reason Valks shouldn't be nerfed. Agreed 100% it's the warden.

  21. Anyone saw ginex drop the haste below as a swagged spell?

  22. C&C Question: Which troop do you think is most vital to three star attacks.

  23. How do you like the war loot bonus system? What changes would you make to it?

  24. 5:29 Finally! ?

  25. Do a coffee and vain for the vainglory fans plz

  26. I have a max th8 and max th9, it really sucks to not have any new troop for me and then I ran into modding war clans 5 times in a roll, now I don't play coc any more thx to the bullshit supercell gave me!

  27. Hi

  28. 7:40 lol that comparison tho! Very very precise.

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