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Coffee and Clash Episode #28

The next round of viewer questions set to the sweet sights of 3 star attacks. Hope you guys enjoy and as always please leave me questions for future Coffee and …


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  1. EVERYONE: E-Mail this video to supercell for them to hire Jake to manage the marketing within the company!

  2. heres a c&c for you…why does it seem supercell has a hard on for you…there are very few good youtubers out there and your ine of them in the clash community

  3. C&C question: jake i am a relatively new town hall 9 and it's hard to three star, I have hogs to 5, loons maxed and lavahounds, would you recommend i lvl up my golems first or get my queen to a higher lvl, which would make it easier to get three stars on bases. thx as always and keep up the good work

  4. I dont know but I'm waiting for SC to nerf valks.. Hahaha! It's their thing I guess. ???

  5. C&C Question: If you had to take a group of 5 OH members, past or present, to a clash tournament who would you take? Thanks to your vids I'm just starting to three star consistently. Keep it up man!

  6. C&C: Jake, how do you not listen to music? this is in itself a scientific phenomena, worthy of a published medical journal. My question; have you ever tried explaining a war attack to a friend or family member who does not play clash? I personally did this (explained an AQ charge govadralo) and it was recommended I was institutionalised as they thought I was using, because of the jibberish being expelled from my mouth. Sub since Jan 2015, keep it up.

  7. Clash with Cam is quitting? Did he make a video about it?

  8. ya glory days are over ……its dying

  9. Sweg

  10. yay :D

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