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Coffee and Clash Episode #29

The next round of viewer questions and awesome 3 star attacks. Hope you guys enjoy and as always please leave me questions for future videos. Check out my …


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  1. C&C Question: Have you noticed an error in the queen's AI that effects her targeting the eagle artillery? Specifcially, if it is 3 spaces behind a wall (which can is close enough for her to target over the wall) she will ignore it and not target it. This may not always be the case but it happened to me a few wars ago and a clan mate in our previous war. Great vids man, keep it up!´╗┐

  2. C&C: since the state of OH 3.0 video I'm wondering how decision making works within the clan? Are the final decisions up to the people in 1.0 or by committee? Also how do you regulate who is a leader since so many people have been in the clan for so long?´╗┐

  3. Coffee and clash Ques: Jake bro. not all your followers on twitter etc. So why u no mention what happened to hold my beer? and most recently MASTERWEET!. u said u wnt hide anything from us referring to state of onehive video.

    Can you please tell the people who dnt knw abt it why 1.0 and 2.0 are no longer related?

    Keep up the good work man. Ur my no.1 clash You tuber. Cheers´╗┐

  4. will having a jailbreaked or unlocked phone get u banned since u use 3rd party apps to do it . ty´╗┐

  5. classic clash love story mr n mrs jake . wishing u a happy future together´╗┐

  6. hi Jake…how many spring traps should I place between defenses? 1 or 2? can I really expect to spring 6 hogs at a time? or are the spring traps better used spread out?´╗┐

  7. C&C: what do think about supercell implementing troops/spells from clash Royale into clash of clans such as the stun spell, ice wizard, etc? Do they have a place in CoC or should they stay Royale-only?´╗┐

  8. Omg I finally got a shoutout in C&C! ?´╗┐

  9. hey Jake Long time fan, C&C question: do u have a OH clash royale clan/are u planning on making on in the future? and what is ur deck? are u having good success with your deck?´╗┐

  10. Why have you not built your new walls after going to th10. When do you plan on adding them?´╗┐

  11. C&C: Why do you keep saying that th9 is easy to 3 star at? Stop lying to everyone its not as easy as you think for the average player, you just happen to have extremely skilled players.´╗┐

  12. If it helps anyone for the second question, my rule of thumb is if you are bringing one golem bring cc max golem, two golems, bring the cc valks. Max hogs at th 9 are kind of unnecessary because they are still vulnerable to springs and dgb which are what really rek hogs at th 9´╗┐

  13. Hello Jake,

    Love the videos! Would you ever consider starting a series where you show failed attacks instead of the usual 3 star attacks. I don't know about you, but I learn a lot more from mistakes than I do from successes. I'm guess some OneHive members might not like you showcasing their failures, but I think it could be helpful to those of us who are not quite pro attackers yet. Just a thought, keep up the good work!´╗┐

  14. When people are first on YouTube comments, they get screwed over by others Verbally´╗┐

  15. C&CQ: Jake, what do you think is the golden rule in running a successful war clan? I know this question has been answered in numerous videos about clan building, but I'd like to hear from your perspective as part of the hardcore war community. I am part of the war community as well so it probably won't make a difference. Thanks for the wonderful content and I hope you enjoy your coffee (and day)!´╗┐

  16. C&C question: Given the current stats of valks, do you think that they need to be nerfed/balanced to make attacking more difficult again? This could be challenging for SC, because valks are now vital at TH11 and 10, while at 9 they aren't as necessary, but do make attacks much much easier.´╗┐

  17. C&CQ: DO you think if SC implemented a feature where you can show how you would attack a war base by drawing on it in the actual game do you think it would help in clan war?´╗┐

  18. what is the title that FPC clans had in thier title…´╗┐

  19. Do you think PEKKAs will ever see real war play ? why or why not ?´╗┐

  20. all the best attackers are quitting or have already quit.. the most competitive clans are going away, the game will be dead very soon´╗┐

  21. Rob's attack was DOUBLE RAINBOW ALL THE WAY!!´╗┐

  22. Brought a tear to my eye when you mentioned Hulk. That channel is where it all started for me. Miss that SoB,´╗┐

  23. Hey Jake, thanks for the great quality vids. Here's my C&C Question: With you having picked up VG as a second game on your channel, I was wondering about the possibility of other games. Not necessarily mobile, perhaps something on the computer. Seeing as how you have to be on the computer to interact on youtube and upload videos it seems pretty reasonable that you would be able to play/upload pc games as well. League of Legends is a great pc game that is very similar to VG, all though the games tend to run a bit longer. Another game I think it'd be fun to watch you play is Rocket League! (thats really what i'm pushing for here) it has a very low barrier of entry and a very high skill ceiling, plus the games are only 5 minutes long so they're a convenient length for videos/streaming. Sorry for the wall of text, keep up the great work!´╗┐

  24. C&CQ: Hi Jake. Master Weet openly admitted on Twitter that he modded ever since he joined Onehive. How did you and other Co leaders didn't catch him as he was modding since several months. What are the ways the leaders of your clan use to find if someone mods or not. If Master Weet uninstalls mod (and changes name) and wants to join back, will you take him?
    Why did you delete my question? Not fair :(´╗┐

  25. C&C: What would you recomend to th8.5 that can 3* most of th9 bases for farm war attacks, use army comps that you know you can 3* or try to learn new attack strats?´╗┐

  26. modders already found a way around it they use th3 burner accounts to sim attacks´╗┐

  27. C&C Question: do you think big YouTubers like chief pat, clash on gan ect. Have stopped playing clash because of the drop in game excitement they havnt announced that they are posting clash of clans anymore by it has been ages for both since a clash video has been posted? Love your vids keep up the great work!!´╗┐

  28. Being fair play is a lot more than just not cheating. There are many ways to gain an unfair advantage without modding and I've seen clans who claim to be "fair play" completely miss this point. Any clan that cares more about winning than having a fair, respectful, and competitive matchup isn't "fair play" in my book. A lot of people don't realize this, but most FPC clans will even go out of their way to balance mismatches by making extra TH10s attack as TH9s or put infernos in corners, etc.´╗┐

  29. Hold on

    Getting my coffee´╗┐

  30. Did make just not awnswer the Q for how many kids hahaha´╗┐

  31. If they do a one hour war what should the cost and train times be for troops and what will the loot bonus be?´╗┐

  32. even with a clan, i don't want to feel so alone in the game.

    They need to somehow get the community together inside the game. Community quests, challenges, etc.´╗┐

  33. C&C: What are the lowest requirments for a OH clan? Thx jake, long time supporter and have played VG with you!´╗┐

  34. C&C: What is your favorite attack stratagy to watch? And what is your favorite FPC besides OH´╗┐

  35. C&C Question: First of all thanks for these i credible collection of videos you are showing jake, love that man! Keep it up! My question is while my clan is facing more TH9.5 bases now a days, i'm th9 24/24 heroes Max everything, do you think i should go for th9.5 and have advantages of camptroops+extra spell?? I need your opinion on th9.5? Please i highly appreciate your concern:) Thanks and keep going with Woooo train attacks :p´╗┐

  36. C and C Question – Hey Jake, I know you're not big into trophy pushing but what are your thoughts on the current system, especially in legend league, considering how someone recently hit 6000 trophies?´╗┐

  37. I think that SC should implement regenerating single player bases, like Gearheart in Boom Beach. Clans could collaborate, have maybe 2 cumulative attacks, and have a larger loot bonus… I would love this, and My Little Pony on Pats channel isn't exactly an answer´╗┐

  38. C&C question: Ive noticed that other youtubers (not naming names) have advertisements in their videos. First question: do they get paid for that advertising space? Second question why havent you taken advantage of that? From me personally I would not stop watching your videos because of that and it would make you some money´╗┐

  39. Morning Vainglory: What is your favorite change, your favorite skin from the new recent update?´╗┐

  40. At 16:52. Why the actual FUCK is that aq shooting that wall after the BK broke a wall next to her to get to the gold storage?????´╗┐

  41. what is better, ground skelleton traps or air skelleton traps?´╗┐

  42. C&C Question:
    What are some of the higher level FP clans you wish do an arrange war with that you haven't warred already?´╗┐

  43. Who do you mean at 16:21?´╗┐

  44. C&C question: I'm a max TH9 now with level 9 walls, and level 15 queen and 17 King. What should I prioritize to upgrade? the level 10 walls or the heroes?´╗┐

  45. C&C: I'm a th10 max defense base with a low level heroes(26 AQ/25BK), my question is, what my heroes could accomplish while attacking a max def th10? thanks.. long time sub here..´╗┐

  46. bENGALI TAJATAKJANHSHA taj thaj thaj trhajka
    czej nan czjn mhjbb c j khcdj´╗┐

  47. Great video Jake!
    I've got a new video up with 2 of my recent attacks. It would be nice if anyone could check it out!
    P.S. I'm 13 ;)´╗┐

  48. sad he didn't answer my question´╗┐