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Coffee and Clash Episode #32

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  1. That's why friendly battles in CR work so well, there's no cook time. It's instant. Personally, I'm already kind of bored with the feature. I don't have heavy armies pre-trained constantly to attack when a clan mate spontaneously sends out the request. And quite honestly I don't want to wait 30+ minutes to train something and neither does my clan mate. So I agree with you, SC should make a change in regards to this and also to the request staying active when we log out.

  2. C&C Question: Hey Jake, I've been noticing that the new troops Supercell has released (Bowler, Baby Dragon, Miner) have been getting neglected, not just in a war aspect but in casual play as well. Do you think this is because Supercell has not been promoting these new troops as much, because war youtubers (You, PB) haven't covered these troops/used them as often, or simply because Supercell is firing the arrow but missing the target? I feel as though the new troops offer nothing game changing, and are rather to fill up that space of "something new". I took into consideration that the Baby Dragon and Miner are fairly new, but the Bowler has been out for a while and should have been part of war strategies by now. Wanted your take on this, keep up the good work.

  3. IDEA AT 8:30 perfect!

  4. The wizard fireball damage sucks man .The lightening was better.

  5. David_F, i think the latest updates are positive.

  6. C&C: Jake, I wanna hear your thoughts about this. I just read the news that Supercell wants to enter the eSports but I'm a bit disappointed because they are focusing more on the potential of Clash Royale than Clash of Clans. Thanks, Jake!

  7. C&C. Been enjoying watching you for almost a year now and I've been finding the time to watch some of your streams. my question is why are there so many kimchi references? is it because your wife is part korean?

  8. Yo Jake, where them morning vainglory vids at?

  9. C&C, to extend that faster bomb drop, what about less damage but faster bomb dropping? Also valk op

  10. Jakes the type of guy to close his eyes when a six pack sortcut commercial comes on. #fp

  11. C&C Question: What is your favorite type of YouTube video to create? E.g. do you like making ninja lives, coffee & clash videos, Onehive war videos …

  12. C&C Question: You said buying accounts doesn't affect someone else's play and that's why it's ok within FP, how does botting affect your experience?

  13. Hi Jake. I've been using your videos as tutorials for my friends that don't take wars as seriously as I do. Your videos are very informative

    C&C Question: With the new Skeleton spell update, do you think we will see more centralized Clan castle as the skeleton spell could easily lure the clan castle troops? Or would people still have the clan castle troops unlurable?

  14. AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Last C&C video I saw a comment where the person mentioned they missed Jake's responses to the trolls. That last response killed me. Thanks for the video and the laugh, Jake!

  15. C&C Question: Hey Jake, I understand that everyone wants to see innovative stuff coming out in Clash of Clans. They want to see it faster and faster but in my eyes it isn't possible to bring out game-changing troops etc. every few months, we would have a barrack with with 40 different troops in the next two years and then it's similar to Clash Royale, imo. In addition new game features, I like the idea of speed wars but don't you think to add minigames to the original concept of CoC will destroy the game?

  16. C&C what 3 star strategys would work for baby dragon? would be nice if you can make a video fir them since im unlocking them soon

  17. C&c question: what army strategy would you advise for a th9 trying to push to champs for those extra gems

  18. I have to say I think your accretion of not being able to 3 star at th10 with lower heroes is wrong if you deploy your troops right u can get it done.

  19. C&C Question: I linked my clash account to my android and forgot my pass to my account(stopped playing clash for a while). Do you think it would be a good idea to let people have the ability to link accounts to another device(after having already been linked).

  20. CaC: Not a modding question even if this sounds like it. Do you consider using scripts in the friendly challenge cheating? If it's not giving you an advantage when attacking a base in war, it shouldn't be cheating. What do you think?

  21. what about boosting the cc request? i am boosting my barracks, heroes and spell fact. but still need to wait for my CC.