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Coffee and Clash Episode #33

The next round of questions and 3 star attacks in the background! Hope you guys enjoy and please leave questions for future videos. Check out my Patreon …


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  1. Hey Jake.. talking about how much "luck" could impact the game, don't you agree that sometimes you can miss a 3 stars or even lose the entire war because of a wall breaker hit the wrong walls, a hog got springed late in the raid, a one hp last standing def taking all clean up troops,…etc??

    I know planning, excution skills and base desingning win wars… but how about "luck"? how much do you think it contributes? is it good or bad? if bad how do you think it could be fixed?

    fan from Egypt, keep up the great work

  2. hey Jake, I try to be lead by example with killer war attacks. what do I do when i get two 1 stars?

  3. C&C: hey jake, you and the community have a lot of great ideas to improve the game. but im not sure why you think it is hard to balance cheese war accounts (no or low defenses with high or max war troops). all you have to do is make so if a base has a certain troop or defense then its war weight automatically increases to X.

    For example if you are th11 with no defenses but have a warden your weight should be increased to max th10 automatically. or if you are th10 with th4 defenses but have level 5 golems your weight is increased to max th9.

    this wouldnt be perfect but it would be a huge start. i dont think it is too much a nerf in fact it might not be enough.


  4. Cac : Th9 burnout is real. What do you think about changing the heroes at th9 to 20,20 walls lvl9 th10 30,30 lvl 10 and th11 40,40 lvl11. Max heroes will have the same stats, even though lower lvl. Th9/th10 with above max heroes/ walls will get their hero lvls/walls back when they upgrade their town hall. Also the ability to war at any Th lvl will be added. Even if you are th10 you could war at th9 if you liked but your upgrades will be scaled back. I think this would help prevent burnout and encourage people to upgrade th and maybe th point 5 will be less common.

  5. Hey Jake love the vids very helpful, a clan mate of mine found a pretty cool strat with the miners to clear 10's as a th11 it's pretty consistent as we test it many times against many bases. Would you like to come by and snag a replay

  6. C&C Question: Do you think you would have still made a CoC channel if you had not found/been accepted to OH and went to another war clan?

  7. I'm a T H9 with 17/18 heroes that loves to war. I'm looking for a 3 star specialist fair play war clan, if you know a clan please repl y.

  8. 6:00 Whoa bellamakesbacon certainly dropped that lavahound a weird time LOLOL. I'm having a hard time figuring out if that was a fat finger… or no, probably thought valks were in the CC. Oh well 3 star.

  9. 1:34 I completely agree about botting not being fair play. What about if someone purchases an account that has evidence of bot/mod use on it? Would that qualify for a zero tolerance policy against cheating?

    If an account had a past subscription to a mod/bot service, logic would be that they purchased it for reason…surely some unfair advantage had been gained along the farming career of that account. Purchasing an account from such a player is surely another incentive to cheat for anyone who would consider botting up an account.

  10. hey jake, big fan of the channel. i was wondering what the history of onehive is and if you could elaborate on it. keep up the great work!

  11. c&c question- Many high war clans have hidden their war logs, reason that enemy war clan might get info by going to the previous clan that was warred, do you think SC should not show the last 2 clans that the clan warred ?

  12. C&C: what do u use when ur queen is down if it ever is? Or if it was on upgrade what would you use need help as my queen is currently upgrading!!

  13. You can't look at "war details" if you're not in the clan… So there is no reason to be afraid

  14. Are you guys using the friendly challenge to test new recruits skill levels?

  15. C&C: What do u think of cannon lvl 12 for th9? if not – nerfing bowlers and walks would be an opportunity? i still think they are too strong.

  16. You should do a war evolution video ?

  17. Hey Jake c&cQ:Do you think prep day should be reduced to 6 hours or even shorter? it seems so long now that you can't really scout or anything. I feel like you have no idea what u up against until battle day starts. 48h war is just to long ??

  18. C&C Question: in the last episode you talk about mixed troop and strategy. Now, i have a doubt, what do you think about clash developers? in your opinion when they add a new troop or when they create the game, they now all the possibe strategies or combinations possible in the game? You know, a lot of the troops are in the game when it came out the first time, they now or they leave theire creation grow in autonomy?

  19. CACQ Are there any notable videos from each 'era' of clash? i want to see what war was like at each time in the history.

  20. You guys are rejecting me! I'm not rushed and not lower than th9

  21. C&C question: Do you think war attacks have come full cycle? I think most 3 star strategies voles from gowipe / gowiwi with backend hogs or loons to take the base out. The pekkas and witches then went away with people bringing a lot of hogs / loons. With valks being all powerful we now seem to have gone back to the backend hogs and loons

  22. it will be great to see you farm….can you post some farming vid…or a guide…or you can farm on stream

  23. i thought ninja lives was another game lol

  24. No drama meant to be created by this, Ik you are a long time player and active in the war community as I am too. But it bothered me and a bunch of others how you were saying modders didn't invent hybrid attacks and current strats, and also that it was you guys at OH that did. That is false, even Rex himself admitted to learning from Chinese mod clans. Using all that, clans like Clasheads and Reddit Troopers developed them bringing the Max attack and Queen walks. As an ex-modder and long time player I know these things. Anyways cheers mate just wanted to share that with ya.