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CP Vox Or WP Vox | Vainglory [RANKED] Lane Gameplay Update 1.16

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  1. I love wp taka and cp vox lol

  2. guys at 13.54 notice how cat use fountain and taka no heal even with travel time

  3. I am main taka since the 1.3 (when i did buy him) and i know something about WP taka, he DOES NOT fall in late game, in fact he has one of the strongest late games of any hero IF builded properly

    2 tyrants

    And you will rekt even in late game (late game turns out to be really important the timing on the abilities, you must reserve kaku, if you dont reserve it, you will have troble)

  4. Could you guys give me some advice? I just saved up 6000 glory for a hero, and Im not sure who to buy. Could you guys give me some suggestions? Reasons why would be helpful too. Thanks!

  5. I bought Vox because I was so good using him during free rotations. After I bought him, I suck major ass. I cri everytiem ???

  6. I could go either cp or wp depending on the jungler, I personally prefer Vox over Ringo

  7. I still prefers cp vox more, but because bounce damage OP!

  8. taka & krul, the worst 2 heros imo. takes no skill to run in bush hit a+c then box away over and over. krul u sit in bush then a to get ridiculous sheild then smite and run away

  9. 1v1 me bro I'll show you the power of weapon Taka

    But no seriously he's good in the right hands

  10. Tanky vox is amazing, from my experience, he still does tons of damage, with amazing sustane, i build sorrow blade, bonesaw, crucible, metal jacket, and an aegis. The two extra shields will really help u in the long run.

  11. u might as well play ringo if you're going wp vox

  12. what does cp mean

  13. I personally prefer wp vpx than wp

  14. Cp taka got better due to the fact that flare have delays now

  15. Wp Vox can beat wp ringo…. But cp can't -.- (1vs1)

  16. BP is nice too because of the resonance bounces

  17. Where's ben?

  18. man i know the struggle of solo rank, my friends don't play vg so i have to solo rank and it's freaking frustrating

  19. what is a good cp taka build

  20. hi bentimm i want to be friend and play with you but when i write your name it says bentimm1 not found in this region

  21. You look like whiteboy7thst

  22. Can any tell me how to make alpha work?

  23. taka wp is good for early game but in late game hes bad.

  24. I'm a taka main, and I prefer cp taka more then wp taka.

  25. Someone know the title of the music at 15:07 ?

  26. the cs makes me cringe

  27. rank DED

  28. Ben if want to be a really good vox player u should figure out what walls he can jump through so far I have found three all in jungle they have saved my skin more than a few times

  29. Solo que in draft mode really pisses me off.

  30. Ben if u play alpha u can use the A ability to charge right before u blow up

  31. Just wondering but does oldskool have different accounts in different servers?

  32. I think they should do something with the support role you are always support if you are last is the draft

  33. lol CP Vox is still insane, you just gotta draft a strong early jungle..