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CRAZY AIR ATTACKS… and 1 Awesome Mass Hog!

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  1. Redic mass hog

  2. i feel like baby drags take over the niche of normal drags in most scenarios

  3. savage strife 4 lyfe

  4. Just a quick shout out PB for staying true to CoC and not wavering to Royale. While the game arguably could be said to be in decline, its guys like you that keep me coming back every day. You hard work is greatly appreciated.

  5. Hi Powerbang, can you do a video of TH9 3 star attacks with only one Hero? That would be nice to see for all of us upgrading Heros while still in WAR. I know you have one video but is kind of old, and the game has change a lot…

  6. not even close to what jake from one hive was ?

  7. Fairplay? jajajajajaja faaaaaaaaaaaaalso

  8. pb is just as awesome as those baby d's in the video

  9. This is my fav clash of clans channel, keep it up dude

  10. power bang can u have a th 8 attack video really be helpful

  11. that mass hog raid though lol

  12. plz can u include more th11 content

  13. Thanks Power Bang to show us those nice air raids, I love and learned some new tips.
    But I have a question hope you reply me. I'm hearing from lot of youtubers and some of my clan friends that Clash of Clans is near to its end. Many players are switching from COC to Clash Royal. I wanna you thoughts too as I think you are also a big part of this game crew. I really love this game I just started the game and currently at th8. I don't want that COC will turn his back from us. What are your thoughts, Please reply.
    Thank you

  14. used to love your content pb, since you got ability to arrange wars kinda meh, nothing on state of the game an you guys obviously struggling, also would love to see the fails if possible especially if they lead to a 3*!

  15. RIP Wiz Honour Face

  16. b3astmod3 is out of 4 clans every weekend for the cwl #justsayn

  17. WHF sucked so much lol

  18. #ql9cvcpy. New clan but we just left our old one that had over 100 wins. We know what we're doing

  19. What hero levels do you recommend to do the baby drag quake strategy?

  20. He's going to th11

  21. The best coc youtubers!

  22. I love your channel but I don't have anything to give to you I'm so sorry.

  23. Where is the th10 vs th10? I need new ideas!

  24. Trank you for showing my base ?

  25. WHF gonna feel that in the rankings.. :/

  26. You the best man ??

  27. man the th9 baby dragon attacks look to easy, it's time for a nerfs on them now too

  28. lol WHF is this like 0-5? ?

  29. Hi ! Is this baby dragon strategy (th9) possible without max heroes and bowlers in cc? :)

  30. if its one player vs one player PowerBang is no doubt, one of the top players. Team is the one dragging him down.

  31. i'm in WHF Rising (:

  32. R you tired to put a buly video th 11 agains 10 right

  33. plz 10 vas 10

  34. @ PB is Lukas trying to forfeit his title of best air attacker???? that was a crazy hog raid. sincere thanks for showing it on the channel. god bless?

  35. PB I want join but i dont have that good bases and queen

  36. you've come a long way, pb! good on ya! always a fan :)

  37. Like the YouTube channel but WHF would prob be better had they actually accept folks and try them out in friendly challenge. Tried joining like 4 times and will not go through the trouble again. Th9+ who can 3* who wants a high lvl clan search "It's a G Thangg" lvl 10 and check the war log out ?. Search #P9Y822G2 And mention you was recruited off YouTube and my names Tron ✌️

  38. @powerbang Gaming. awesome video unlucky on your lose but looks like you guys didnt go down without a fight. I have a question for you. I was watching Brutal Raids from OneHive earlier. Did i see SirGoodpastures in their CWL war??