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Crazy CLASH OF CLANS GLITCH 2016 | Has This Happened To You? | Clash of Clans

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  1. adrian do u agree?´╗┐

  2. but plss make it maxed ok´╗┐

  3. ok´╗┐

  4. Yay I'm not the only one that has has this glitch´╗┐

  5. Qt: Clash royale videos.. n ur accent :D´╗┐

  6. QT: I wanna say the 3 Star Series: TH9 GIHEHO (HGH) Attack Strategy vs "The General" TH 9 War Base | Clash of Clans is the video i found you on or one of the gowipe how to's posted shortly after that vid´╗┐

  7. This happened to me once during an attack but in my favor, things where not going to smoothest with my goho attack on the #1 guy and there were like 4 hogs left headed to the last defense which was a mortar which was guarded by the king and the enemy king got stuck in the double wall spot for the rest of the raid! what was gonna be a sad 1 star ended up being a 3 star for our clan lol i just didn't complain about it and my clan mates were like "wtf did you just do"´╗┐


  9. the base is the curse base´╗┐

  10. it the base´╗┐

  11. I am at 5 place´╗┐

  12. nice video´╗┐

  13. hey guys just started making videos , it would mean a lot if you guys checked them out, and if someone could help me make an intro that would be great (:´╗┐

  14. Except the skeletons were jumping up and down in the same spot´╗┐

  15. This happened in my clan war, 94% on th9´╗┐

  16. QT: All of your 3-star series videos :D´╗┐

  17. Haha thats great, can't jump after the hogs but they have a way to get their own back :)´╗┐

  18. Qt – it was the Attack strategies vids that got me hooked on ur vids,and u were the first clash of clans youtubers that I subbed to´╗┐

  19. Hey nice video. Yes, this has happened to me lol.´╗┐

  20. might try to set a double area war base see if I can make the glitch work in my favore´╗┐

  21. Answer: the TH8 3* attack tutorials´╗┐

  22. I just subscribed like 3 hours ago because of your clash royale deck ­čÖé you make great content!´╗┐

  23. I sub because you have the most depth in your videos when starting a new TH everyone else starts a video being a Max TH and there's no guidance. I really like the TH9 defense build order video´╗┐

  24. QT: Clash of Clans: Gowipe Attack Strategy TH8 – 3 Star Tutorial´╗┐

  25. QT: coc clan war strategies´╗┐

  26. Qt: th8 hogs guide´╗┐

  27. when u make it th8 maxed then i will play in my account and u play in urs?? plsss can u dude!´╗┐

  28. and its a little rushed can u give ur one account and can u take mine plsss´╗┐

  29. my th lvl is 8´╗┐

  30. this glitch had happened to me 2 times both in wars but there was only one pekka left and i easily managed to get three stars with spells!?.´╗┐

  31. wicked may i know ur name plss?.´╗┐

  32. wicked may i know ur name plss?.´╗┐

  33. lol i have a vid with the same glitch on my channel here, look if you want´╗┐

  34. clash royale!!!´╗┐

  35. yes it did , not the Hogg riders, but the skeletons.´╗┐

  36. the 3 star series´╗┐

  37. Old glitch. Double walls + skeletons => bug.´╗┐

  38. Wht does QT sat and for?Im new can u plz tell´╗┐

  39. that happened to me´╗┐

  40. QT: TH10 3 star Strats Something with zaps´╗┐

  41. glitch happened earlier.. suddenly im out from my clan but i can still see my name on the clan im in.. i restart the app twice but still im out.. also my clanmates experienced it´╗┐