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Crazy Loot & A Dead Base Surge | Clash of Clans

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  1. Matty I really envy you! You can farm with queen. My queen is undergoing 10 weeks of non-stop upgrade from level 30 to 40 before I can use her to farm. Currently I'm just a 2 weeks old baby TH10. 8 more weeks to go before queen awakes :(

  2. +clashing with matty

  3. +clashing with mattu

  4. Hey Matt can u tell me what to use to edit and record gameplay I wanna do YouTube plz respond plz tell me +matty clash of clans

  5. DO you have a video on how to farm de at th 9?

  6. I've got a little tip for getting more loot in less time. I bring 8 giants 80 archers 8 wb 6 healers. If I come upon a base with full collectors ill just drop archers and giants (Sometimes wall breakers) and do like a mini giant archer attack. That way I don't have to re-train my healers and I still get all the loot. Might wanna try it to save time it helps me loads! Thanks for all the Super-Queen tips Matty really making my life easier.

  7. the loot is good for the lower ths now too. merry Christmas

  8. Great video mattty. As an 8.5 in gold 2 the loot has been crazy, I have been like you, finding 400-500k of each every raid

  9. Hey Matty love your vids and have a question/suggestion. You say you don't have the offence for th10 3 star attempts yet which is fair enough, but if so why/can you bring us some live high percentage 2 star war attacks? I for one really enjoy these in ur recaps and would be nice to see you doing one.

  10. some of the best thumbnails on YouTube ✔️

  11. Hey Matty, mind using my strategy? It's 8 Giants 4 healers 6 wiz 20 Hogs, The healers are for the Giants also you will need cc Giants, use 4 heal get back to me please

  12. Still no option for sound notifications on iOS! How has this gone unpatched for so long! I just want my phone to make a sound when my troops are done! Is that to much to ask?

  13. I have my accounts in crystal 1 and 2 and the DE is nice. Yea, Supercell did something because I'm using GIBarch and getting almost everything. Nice vid Matty.

  14. why so many dead bases? because lots of players quit after the last update.

  15. 12:09…..boosted racks!!!??????, lmfao 

  16. Not to be a one-upper, but I have been killing it in loot too! I am just doing barch in Gold League. Finding tons of dead bases and some people with their town halls still outside hahaa! My queen is upgrading to 28 and I already have enough for level 29 just off drills.

  17. I agree man the loot now is better then ever. I've been taking in similar amounts of loot every raid in crystal and masters. I may test champs too.

  18. the joker

  19. Matty u watch DC & marvel ??

  20. The loots good cause coc is shit now and no one plays anymore

  21. EE doing awesome and ur base is doing awesome too! :D, lvl 35 AQ already :)

  22. Great time to be a fresh th10…Loot is crazy ☺☺☺

  23. If you put your healers on side of AQ you want her to walk they'll stay to the outside longer since that will cause them to be on herr outer side once she turns.

  24. annoying accent

  25. Nice video Matty, I love your farming and war episodes but more farming right now because I am at the same stage as you. Th9.5… But I am going th10 same reason as you, getting hammered in war. Only going o have infernos at level 1 for a while because I still want to be somewhat low on the map. I was just wondering, should I drop other defences like the new cannon, arch tower and xbow?

  26. Is this video older? Because in the last you had the 235 troop space and in this still 230

  27. Good job on the win against CS! I saw your base lmao xd