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Crazy Man Attacking Bus in Sydney

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  1. reminds me of that last scene from " I AM LEGEND" when those freaks try to break the glass

  2. 0:11 why is it the Asians who correct everyone

  3. He forgot to use the door

  4. If u was the driver I would've just ran him over.unless he moved out the way

  5. What a fag. You had one job. Break the glass. And you couldn't even do that. LOL.

  6. Well that was a bit of a dick move wasn't it

  7. the description is more crazy than the video…

  8. Don't do drugs kids or else you could do this

  9. I would run him over, when I get questioned say it was in defence of the passengers.

  10. That dude, has got problems.

  11. "I remember watching a video on YouTube. A crazed guy smashing in the windshield of a bus. Then there were other stories, strange events not just on YouTube but all over the news, stories of people doing crazy things. Now look at us… surrounded by these fucking zombieeeeeeees!" ~cocks shotgun~

  12. i would jumped out an fcked put him a sleep hold, niggas hurting himself, has to be restrained.

  13. disliked and reported for the description

  14. Your Amazing loool

  15. Well, looks like Evan Edinger had an interesting vacation xD

  16. +xXToxicVenomXx 2000 It wouldn't let me directly reply to you for whatever reason, but I just wanted to tell you how much of a dickhead you are. The man clearly had some psychological problems which he can't help, and you're making him out to be a fucking retard. Shameful.

  17. Fuck the video, whats with the description

  18. I thought it was a woman at first…

  19. Loooooooooooool cocaine is a hell of a drug

  20. Nigga's possessed

  21. Australian accents are funny

  22. this guy is crazy

  23. Fucking drugoo

  24. The woman in the back telling people to go agaisnt a adrenaline rushed probably on drugs guy with a weapon. Really?

  25. Retard alert

  26. Drugs are bad, m'kay.

  27. Grow some balls!! "so many men here" says the women – if that was in the UK one of us would have been out and jumping on this pissants body! Come on you Aussies – don't lose that UK grit in your blood!

  28. Women want equal rights and to be treated the same but yet when something like this happens the women is asking to man to do something LOL

  29. This isn't what weed does to you people LOL if he was high on weed he would be chilled out and friendly,this guy is on fucking crack or something

  30. Was the bus late

  31. Okokok that guy failed to realise that he was doing better when he was using the weapon… There's that or he is taking being an emo to the next level.

    And also that guy may have just wanted some water? You know.

  32. I'd have got off and F5'd the cunt.

  33. funny

  34. Zombie

  35. When KFC is closed:

  36. that description with about 3 accurate things. FUCKING MINECRAFT

  37. Mental people everywhere

  38. stupid chink bitch trying to get other people to put themselves in harm.

  39. Is this what weed does to u?

  40. +Mr Sunday Movies is this nick mason??

  41. no one even bothred to get off the buss and stop him?

  42. At the end  “your amazing“  wtf lmao :}

  43. Hahahahaha. Fuck him

  44. When that guy was 4 years old he walked in on his mum having an affair with a bus driver… he's never been the same ever since

  45. It was a good effort

  46. Drive forward either he will move or he won't!

  47. Wtf is wrong with the description

  48. Oh good but if that ever happened again they could of actually broke the window and some died, you can't predict the future

  49. The description of this video tho…..

  50. Drive over him Ffs