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Crazy Max Level All Bowlers in Legend League – Clash of Clans

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  1. Let's take a moment to think how he is in legend league when he was in champion league yesterday.

  2. Hello Brandon, I am new to the whole YouTube thing and I was wondering what do you use to record your screen please reply to my question I really do appreciate it. b

  3. u reached legend again :O

  4. I like he bit like a goblin mixed with golem lol

  5. I hate his accent so much! I couldn't understand his accent, it's too gibberish

  6. galera queria saber quanto tempo o brandon passa por dia jogando,estou curioso porque ele e muito aviciado kkkk ae eu qeuro saber isso se alguem saber porfavor fala ae porque ele nunca vai responder isso mesmo kkkkkk

  7. hey brandon, i played against you in clash royale!!! wooow, awesome :D

  8. its too fat

  9. brandan just one think why u dont play the game fair and dont use gems im saying im wait your answer if u see this

  10. i like the bowlers. they could be the father of the goblins

  11. look* in description. Your English is all but perfect though.

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  18. também faço vídeos de clash of clans e clash royale

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  21. Yeahhhh new update

  22. 3rd give me likes please xD

  23. Third/please say something brandon❤️

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  25. im theee 3ed!

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  28. I am early. let me think of a joke.

    my base :(