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Crazy Monster Loot with Giants and Valkyries – Clash of Clans

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  1. hi brandon can i join your clan

  2. bradon plz make video of clash Royal

  3. what is the best dark elixir farming strategy at th 9?

  4. Hey Brandon, quick question: Why don't you ever try to make your own clan?

  5. The CLASH GODS gave you a little birthday present.meow hype<3

  6. Brandon ur videos r getting real boring do something to save ur channel

  7. Im a th8 in champ 1 currenly in elite eight and my worst feeling at the movement is i was just 60 cups away from titan an something happen to me i lost 2 raids back to back that is so sad and now im at 3980 probably the worwst feeling it took me 6 hours to find that 2 raid

  8. Do you think you will stop playing coc or is it still fun for you?

  9. Hi brandon #plz #reply how much money had u spend on clash of clans

  10. keep it up bro 🙂 you are doing good 🙂 love from Bangladesh

  11. Please watch one of my videos and subscribe if you enjoy it would mean the world to me and I would be extremely grateful

  12. Happy birthday, Brandon! How are you? Long time no see! If you don't remember, it's my birthday too, today 😉 I remember that we talked about arranging something on Clash/YouTube today, on the 7th of May last year. But I kind of stopped playing Clash, so that's unfortunate. I'm sorry I haven't been active on your channel lately. I hope you haven't forgotten me, though! Take care. Meow!

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Brandon

  14. coc is dead lol

  15. AMAZING LOOT! When I see inactive bases in gold league I'm always Woah!! Dat loot doe!!!

  16. bad jump placement

  17. goooooooood

  18. I got the super magical chest yesterday
    Come & see the opening on my channel

  19. Why isn't this guy so famous? He deserves to be famous

  20. #NoLife

  21. All the banned player in Titan :D

  22. Happy Birthday Brandon. ^_^ where is ur 3rd account's video?

  23. sub= King !

  24. all i hear in your mic is sssssss ssss D:

  25. 1 sub to me = i will sub you back ğromise

  26. Brandon wanna see some leveling up videos.Meoww

  27. Hey Brandon why are you always so serious in these videos smile a bit in videos man

  28. soo much loots man..

  29. Hey!!

  30. Yeeey

  31. Brandon your channel is awesome.
    I see you have better audio.New mic?
    Greetings from RS.
    (I hope you reply)

  32. 4

  33. I need loot ☁☁☁????

  34. 3rd comment

  35. First comment!