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  1. I will love to have a account like that one to help other people with troops and get a good clan and help them out ????

  2. I want this account because i lost my account

  3. I want to get this acc for my birthday which was 1.9 and it would be a nice gift for my birthday.

  4. I will love to have a th11 cause u really can buy it the price is unbelievable and I have a th5 but if I win this one I'll use it really good thanks and good luck with ur channel buddy ?

  5. I want to win it would mean the world good luck to everyone else

  6. I would like to win the giveaway because I would really love to have an account which I can have some revenge to other leaders of clans who kicked me out because I was too "nooby"
    thanks for the giveaway!

  7. I would like too win because I did have a town hall 8 base but my profile got hacked so I lost everything I had, I tried to start Another account but I just couldn't do it because it took my like a year to get to town hall 8 and I didn't really want to do it all over again so I just quit coc but I've been trying to always sign up in giveaways but never got a single one.

  8. I would like to win because,My account th10 maxed got hacked,I contacted supercell and nothing happened,I am super pissed about it.So i need a good account,

  9. I want to win because my friends have th 9 me just th5

  10. Im road to win

  11. I subbed an liked!!
    i want the account cus i just want to be big as my friends!!!and join their clan and try to be better them my friends :)

  12. I want to win because I started playing clash of clans when it first came out and I got to th7 back then the8 was Max so it was awesome then I lost my acc and I got really sad and quit clash for a year then came back and I got to th8 but litterly it's my life goal to get th11 and I will give u an intro a banner and I can give u a shout out to help u get to 200 subs (I have about 180 subs) my email is I will do any thing I have to to win this acc and if I win I will watch all ur vids and like and comment I know I am probably not gunna win 🙁 because I never win any thing but there's that 1% chance that I might win probably not but I will do any thing to get it I will get all my friends to sub I hope u reply I liked and subbed 🙂 <3

  13. I want to win because I never played clash of clans

  14. can i get it please i never get any of the giveaways I only have a lv4 one so please

  15. I would like this base because I lost my th11 because it got banned and now I can only use my th7 to play. Please give this to me.if I don't get it it's okay.

  16. I live you doode i hope i win

  17. i'd like this account because this base is really good and will help my clan alot. i have already used many town halls like 10,9 etc but this would be nice to have and win with.

  18. hi juke! I would love to have this base! even if I dont win it I hope anyone who deserves it gets this base ! I cant afford gems or a high end phone ! I hope you become the most famous youtuber and you get a lot of sub

  19. Hello Mr.jukes I've been a sub for a couple months now and I received a notification on my Google about the giveaway! I wanna give you props in real life for giving away such things to your subs. I'd love winning because, well, having a th11 would be amazing, right? tell me wrong. good job man. say hi to bomber bay. C:

  20. i would like to win because I'm a cancer patient and before my health be worse I want to experience the th11

  21. please can i have one, i want it because i have never experienced a high town hall because i rubbish at the game.

  22. I should win this base because I am listening to my girlfriend scream at me for being late for a party at this very moment! Being such a huge fan of clash of clans and Mr Jukes I feel I must take time to enter for this giveaway… Seriously if I win this thing I'll finally be awesome enough to find a chick that's into guys with a big TH11 rather than my big %$#@! Lol she just threw a shoe at me?

  23. Hey man I would love to be in your group I have gta v and gmod

  24. I would like to win because i lost my town hall 8 maxed village plz help me out

  25. I want this account because i lost my village

  26. I would like that base because I been trying hard to get a base like that

  27. I would like this base because I had been banned for using xmod but I didn't know and they deleted it now have th7 but all that time and effort I put into it i was th10 I am looking every where to get a base back. from my hard work I dont wan to start over and take years to do and get what I had so I would love it for me and my son Nicholas to share thx my name is Alexander hope I get elected for the account good luck guys

  28. RULES:
    Rule 1. HAVE TO SUBSCRIBE! (Yes I will be checking subscriptions)
    Rule 2. Drop a Like
    Rule 3. Comment why you'd like to win

  29. i have th7 base .i would love to have this th11 .thanks for giveaway .hope i win :)

  30. i wouod like this account becuz im a huge fan i like all of yoyr videos and im a clash of clans fan

  31. i wouod like this account becuz im a huge fan i like all of yoyr videos and im a clash of clans fan

  32. i need this because i play clash and i have been subed to u seens 20