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  1. 4:23 hhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. more csgo

  3. But Cole! I liked the video and i want to get raped by a Octopus! D: (jk)

  4. CSGO has a bigger fanbase and community than CoC. No clickbaits needed anymore dude :)

  5. chanell*

  6. supercell is fucking retarded. how can I refund all the time I put into the game

  7. you used to get almost like 800k but now you only get 9000 views

  8. ur lucky i have a 16 hr. cooldown

  9. what's this game called again??

  10. whens that octopus gonna show up

  11. Those who disliked will be getting raped any time soon tomorrow as he said

  12. 112 octopus rapes

  13. why you put such a cock tease as thumb nail cole damm

  14. I liked the video tho

  15. wtf 111 dislikes

  16. lol who many people came from the thnail

  17. Is it possible to play a game with you? im dmg too 🙂 would be nice to play/meet you ingame ??

  18. Face cam needed

  19. 4:26

  20. have you notice you getting way less likes in the videos counter strike then you used to on coc

  21. gt a lf

  22. Coleson, im going to add you on steam :)

  23. Guys just dislike the vid because we won't be raped by a occtupus

  24. You should get minecraft and play mine strike that would be AWESOME

  25. damn coleson back at it again with the marble fade :-D

  26. Better this videos than Coc ones…

  27. do you have an Steam Group ?

  28. I love ur intro

  29. dont you just love it when the thum nail has nothing to do with the video

  30. i love this kind of videos
    keep up bro???

  31. 6:30 song ?

  32. Fuck you ! Im love you (crying)

  33. you don't like it because you suck at it.

  34. Came for more BOOBIEZZZ

  35. good vid colsen

  36. NA CS

  37. ahahaha the turtle xDDD

  38. I liked but i kinda want to get raped bye the octopus. Im doing a giveaway btw m80

  39. But… I wanna get raped by a octopus :O

  40. Try "combat arms"

  41. That mw2 music<3

  42. Coleson why you bit arbic music iam arbic??

  43. Weird question but what are the background music?

  44. Do like surfing and all this cool shit to mix the content up :)

  45. Wtf I never subbed here