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Customizable Heroes, Invisible Walls – Winter 2016-17 Clash Wish List

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  1. hey dude, that bee on your YouTube channel icon and banner is the exact same bee that my school uses lol.

  2. can't wait for KT recap ??

  3. hey Bisectatron! My suggestion for improving the Witch and the Skele Spell would be to give an additional effects just like the Poison and Earthquake Spells that have multiple effects.
    Witches' projection reduces structures' structural strength for a period of time such that in that maybe .5 sec, damage be done would be doubled, same for the Skele Spell, aside from producing Skele, reduces buildings' structural strength in that 4 or so seconds.
    As for the Clone Spell, I would say have its slot space reduces, make it 2 or 3 and reduces its ability maybe to make things balanced.
    thank you keep on the great contents!

  4. Need additional Builder Hut and DE drill at TH10. Hero upgrade times remain ridiculous. Make heroes available for War.

  5. sadly I'm playing way more royale recently than clash… haha

    but clone spell cost to 3, I think would help.

    skelly spell as dumb as poison spell… just UP rather than OP

  6. ey men,wath about some ,in game clan ranks ,its be all that war for nothing,i like very much war but its starting to get borring goin nowhere,want some ranks,at least to se we are last in list

  7. I love the idea of invisible walls btw, and customizable heroes.

  8. I have been wanting a Goblin King for about a year. He should be strong and only go for loot. and then you can pop his ability when he's dying and rage him up and the goblins around him for 5 sec. good for farming and clean up.
    _Nether BB

  9. The clan I am in wars continuously. We have about 7 TH9s and the rest are TH8s. We usually do 20 vs 20 wars. We have never seen anyone attack with bowlers. We never use bowlers. We have a hard time 3 starring high level TH9s and so do our opponents. I think that outside of competitive war clans (which is the majority of the people playing the game), the TH9 situation is just fine.

  10. I can't be the only one who thought the things in the title were update sneak peaks right?

  11. Love the invisible / underground walls that pop up like a gate idea! It would be great to have another hidden type defense.

  12. i think they should add single player maps that offer dark elixir

  13. invisible wall sounds cool if the troop AI treated it like a missing wall. You could still funnel giants, but, when they got there they would have to beat through…

  14. great ideas…i like the customizable hero concept as well as the invisible walls. maybe they could pop up like hidden teslas?

  15. Why did people think that update was to come in mid September? Some supercell post?

  16. the heroes should can be used in wars while upgrading

  17. "Hey guys, Bisexual from Onehive Gazette"

  18. new single player maps! they arent touched since the start of the game, new stronger bases, xbows, infernos, eagles, mby enemy heroes, and yea, ever y 1-2 weeks (or mby season), add 5 to 10 new maps

  19. Yaa there should be New Heroes, But Game Shouldn't Go too Complex

  20. I thought there was going to be a September update?