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DAILY CLASH E001 -Introducing New Series – Worst Miner Attack Ever + LavaLoon 3 Star by Cloud Rage

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  1. Ed, what's ur take on the update coming, especially about the healer change?

  2. Wassup Ed. Love the content. I look forward to ur vids everyday or whenever you post them bro

  3. I would like to see more lavaloonion raids

  4. Hi Ed! I suggest you to create a clan where people can enter, share their replays and leave. You could set the clan open whit the maximum amount of trophy so only serious player can enter. You only have to put there the account that you use less. Doing so you could have a lot of replays avelabol of player coming from a lot of different clans and you choose the best. Btw I love your videos :)

  5. more of the evolution series content pls. that's much more interesting ?

  6. Thanks to your Quadra Laloon and Penta laloon videos, i got off the healer tit 1.5-2 months ago….THANKS ED!!

  7. I luv this series but please also do some live attacks. Can you please createa playlist InTheDark th10 where you put all itd war recaps before th11? I hate scrolli g down everytime i want to see th10 videos.

  8. Nice Nice !

  9. if you have a mini account with th9 or 10 maybe throw those vids up too? don't change a thing with your channel your fucking hilarious with the truth ?

  10. #FrenchFanComeFromFar :DDD

  11. BRAZIL

  12. LMFAO…that defence #MinerNubsSuckDick

  13. You're the most real Clash Youtuber out there.

  14. 2:55 prankers?

  15. 50 vs 50 war ? is that interesting ?

  16. Love that 1080p ! Great Video Ed :)

  17. Hello Ed 😉 Remember me?

  18. Nice Video 🙂 I saw only 1 min of the Video but i Know already its fcking awesome?