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DARK ELIXIR ZONE! – Clash of Clans – Easy Dark Elixir Farming

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  1. CQOTD: What update would you like next

  2. Hope to hit 50k subscribers this year! Won't be easy but every subscriber counts :D

  3. CQOTD : What was your favorite show growing up? mine was Dragon Ball Z.

  4. CQOTD: What are you planning on doing for 1,000,000 subs?!?

  5. 5:48 he is in 69 % !!

  6. great

  7. great vids keep doing graet

  8. cqotd which game do you play more clash of clan or clash royal?

  9. CQOTD: Do you think clash of clans/ clash royale are pay to win games?

  10. Holy shit that's a strong ass computer. let me cop a computer lol

  11. that's a crazy laptop

  12. plz reply to this comment

  13. Lol WITE that's why I sit in the back in English

  14. first raid: 666 for the first digit of each loot.

    Illuminati Confirmed

  15. When I heard his computer specs I shit my pants!

  16. it seems u always copy cam or he copy's u idk but when he does something different (or him) the other 1 does it also

  17. plz stop cussing

  18. Subscribe to AZoN FlaNKz new channel just made it I want to become s youTuber please help

  19. CQOTD: What kind of capture card do you use?

  20. CQOTD:why are you a spoiled white bitch

  21. What a savage,attacking doing class

  22. Whats the title of the first music in background?

  23. 4:08 did you mean air defense

  24. dude

  25. wow playing At school ~^~

  26. CQOTD: Do yoi ever meat your fans in public

  27. CQOTD: Do your friends watch your videos?

  28. I have max ballon and they do shit

  29. Does anyone else cry when looking at his gold storage and comparing it to yours?

  30. In the cqotd he spelled which like witch ??

  31. CQOTD: Are you ever gonna quit coc and clash royal and play a new game?

  32. CQOTD: Why is there so many sexually frustrated kids spamming the global chat tryna hit on girls they've never met??

  33. ur outro is outdated

  34. what do I do if I have max gold and dark elixer and all the stuff to upgrade with those are done

  35. CQOTD: Witch game do you think is better clash Royal or clash of clans and why?

  36. nice video Mystic!

  37. Hope to hit 1k subscribers this year! Wont be easy, but every subscriber counts :D

  38. HOLY FUCK 64gb of ddr3 ram jesus fuck

  39. CQOTD: Can I join Ur clan???? I'm not rushed

  40. I like the new side background

  41. You have the McDonald's connection! Or should I say Mickey d's

  42. ?????✍???????????????????????????‍❤️‍???‍?‍?‍???‍?‍?‍???‍?‍?‍???‍?‍????‍?‍?

  43. CQOTD: are you super rich or something? Because you spent a lot of money buying gems

  44. you should try a new show base

  45. CQOTD: Would You Like If Supercell Make A New Troop?

  46. CQOTD: If you were able to be ONE of your teachers at your school, which teacher would it be?

  47. Never not gonna love dat intro ? <3

  48. wow it's not just me with connection problems recently, every fucking raid I lag out

  49. What are u gonna focus more on clash of clans or clash royale?? Love u wite

  50. CQOTD; What was your favourite show growing up? Mine was Dragon Ball Z!