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Dawn of Gods – Alliance wars! (I have the hottest Gods)

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  1. That is such a rip off clash of clans.

  2. getting payed to sell us shit games… 90% youtubers/streamers are just money whores

  3. I've played the game for little while now and I must say, this is really fun and awesome game, lots of free things

  4. Another COC copy?

  5. hi spencer I also play dawn of god so can I join lost phoniex in dawn of gods please I really want to join

  6. Im playing this game too spencer, still trying to figure it out though ?

  7. that game is paying you to say all this

  8. bro…make a video 11 max poison vs max lava hound please

  9. wtf is this? It looks like a shity copy of CoC

  10. No

  11. That game looks horrid, here's a comment instead.

  12. Great vid spencer :)

  13. 303rd

  14. I am seeing this first time….:-!

  15. u cant even say uurd without sounding old???u old super pervert???

  16. farm

  17. Spencer the type of guy to measure his ear with a meter ruler

  18. .

  19. This game like clash of clan

  20. <3

  21. Can everyone just randomly like this

  22. Hai

  23. nice