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DDD2 War Win #62 – 3 STAR ATTACKS (Clan War Recap)

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  1. you sound like a stoned asian

  2. i am th 7 max and i have a anti *3 star base , but i lose every time with 3 *

  3. who fuking uses an eq spell instead of jump spell to cross a 3 gap layer i would have used wall breakers dat was so dumb

  4. great vid Dan

  5. What requirements do have becasue I want to join your clan. I am a lvl 80 TH8 NON-RUSHED.

  6. nice I am manik I got kicked but no prob bro btw you uploaded this after much delay but nothing and yeah second

  7. Nice war attacks your awesome i been using ur th7 hog strat and ive been 3 staring new-max th8's

  8. #First

    It's okay guys I hate me too.