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Dead Bases! – Let’s Clash #175 (Day 330-331)

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  1. why do you always have to read both questions out before u ask em? we are not retarded we can read.

  2. Algum br

  3. ;D

  4. I would name the wall Walldon cause your name has the letters don

  5. supercell doesn't give shields from town halls anymore because they want more bases to be found in matchmaking pool(active bases with no loot)and now there's more crappy bases with no loot,and the real dead bases are hidden dilberately. Therefore we have to search more and we have like a 4 hour limit before we get kicked offline. I still can't believe why this game is top grossing. They took out the concept of farming

  6. Its farming session are boring but his other video are ok

  7. the level 1 wall should be named woody because it is a wooden log of a wall segment, like if you agree

  8. Did you gem up your armies when you were pushing to legends league?

  9. :/ $$$$$

  10. if you're on stream how do you get your heroes to regenerate for every battle meow hype

  11. Hey nigga , shut the fuck up and if your not happy , just dont watch his videos and go sick your mother lol non im joking , i agree , its the same bullshit like all of his videos?

  12. Hi.My Chanel Look

  13. omg brandon I got 5lac both gold elixd

  14. Hey brandon have you ever played hay day or boom. Beach? Btw im from Finland :P

  15. türk var mi


  17. the same bullshit every video ??

  18. u buy gem or u get from app like app bounty freemyapps or something?

  19. hey brandon!!how can u get so many gems?

  20. They are everywhere.

  21. 9th!

  22. First…joke im 15th or so

  23. 5TH!!!

  24. brandon, other than youtube and twitch, how do you get your money for gems in your main account?

  25. Town hall is almost done!

  26. nice video!

  27. 2nd to watch the video ..make me the top comment please !

  28. Like

  29. First