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Destroyed by TownHall 11s – Let’s Clash #152 (Day 284-285)

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  1. The loot has improved because a lot of people have quit after the update. Supercell hasn't done anything to improve the loot.

  2. The loot is amazing right now!!

  3. Brandon, I don't wanna be a hater, but maybe there are 90 million downloads, but that does not mean that there are 90 million bases, dead bases disappear off the search after a week or so

  4. brandon! how much time you can farm full money and elixia

  5. I always suck in finding Death Base..supercell still suck! Lot of million gold lost

  6. Why do u show yourself removing trees? idgaf

  7. Why are u upgrading walls and not defences?

  8. "No loot" XD a few hours ago I got 938 025 in total with gold, elixir and dark elixir. I used straight hogs, I'm a th8 with lvl 3 hogs. XD

  9. hey brandon. How do you earn money to buy your gems? I heard you quitted your insurance company job and are not accepting those free my apps or feature point's money

  10. Your streams are kinda boring…

  11. 3:54 "Supercell made something to change the game about the loot." That is a legit thing??!! I thought all they could do is do the exact opposite of what most of the community wants honestly O.o


  13. I thought you said "Staying at TH10 would waste Grand Warden upgrade time"? by now Brandon3's GW could be at least lvl8

  14. Brandon, even thou it took u awhile to get from 10k to 100k ur channel is blowing up and your views with multiply, thx for being awesome

  15. Ur voice is so quite now

  16. It was crazy when do you make a 24hrs for brandon3

  17. What will you do when you completely max your base on Brandon 3, will you go back to Brandon 2?

  18. Screw Koopa and his 500,000 troop donation in a season, Brandon donated 154k+ in one day. Can he fucking do that?

  19. Brandon is out here roasting people Lmao

  20. Farming has only "improved" because of the 1 gem boosts. For people that barch and bam, once the boosts end the farming will become stagnant.

  21. Today i visited Singapour and thank for all Singapourean because si the best city in the world.. And that si from the people Who live there, thank you and sg