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  1. Im th8, i always use Giant-Healer. And now, and now it wont be the same. I think supercell need to start adding instead of effecting what we already have in clash.

  2. I haven't played in a couple months, but this means that the healer will go back on the shelf. Healers take up too much army space for a single trap to obliterate them.

  3. This might be a long comment idk. My point is this: its almost like supercell want the game to be all about mass attacks. They have bought in the miner and the bowler, both of which are very very op. They have also buffed valks, and as a th7 I see this so much in wars with my clan that is mostly 8s and 9s that valks cant be stopped

    In addition, supercell now nerf the strongest non-mass attack instead of nerfing the mass ones that are making the game boring and overall just taking over the game. They have said before they love the idea of kill squads and 2 stage attacks, do they though?

    You might choose not to listen to me but if you do and agree with me please leave a like, so hopefully, somehow this makes it onto a bigger youtuber or someone who is affiliated with supercell sees it, as I feel and most of the community feel that this needs a change.

  4. hey beak can you tell which army to take to farm gold and in which leak.

  5. you know beak you are awesome,

  6. Peace Beaker,stay positive Dude.

  7. r.I.p healers

  8. come to the monster clan level 1 black and yellow

  9. Beaker join my clan champions Please

  10. And beaker try to do king walk i do it on my th 8

  11. Beaker upgrade your qheen

  12. Maintenance is going right now! Insane loot after it!

  13. While i was watching the video, i got the "your troops are ready to take into battle" thing. I went to clash and … Maintenance break ?? rip Healers 2K16


  15. yo BEAK!!!..enjoy watching ur videos…


  17. Just got healer to 4

  18. Valks need to be slowed down and hitpoints decresed to 450

  19. Hi


  21. Beak use lava hounds hogs and minions to counter this, the lava hounds distract air defences and the minions do the air mines, and hogs kill cannons and air defences as your queen goes right through, throw in some valks, wall breakers and wizards and you clean house

  22. Healers you will be remembered. #RIP.Healers

  23. Is this out

  24. Upgrade your queen man.

  25. nice video

  26. I stopped playing COC 2 months ago and now I re-installed the game and let me tell you guys it feels so different playing this game again. Finally going to play COC and taking a break from CR because CR is just broken. Terrible matchmaking, too many P2W players and mainstream decks are being used a lot which is why I wasn't able to trophy push. I thank Beaker for getting me back to play COC because his videos are the best and funny too. So yeah. :D

  27. For how much time has beack Bern a youtuber

  28. it kills me when beak talks and time goes down then at the end he misses a lot stuff but he is a pretty good attacker so that makes up for it

  29. When are the changes going into effect? I'm starting to raid without healers but it doesn't seem that the updated changes have begun yet.

  30. Dear beaker I've been subscribed for a long time almost a year but u were my inspiration and u made me a utuber thank u and I wanted to make my Chanel better but I never found the app to record the gameplay if u would just plz tell me what is the app u use I would be happy thanks

  31. pls beak help or i will lose my acc.when i go to settings and i want to connect to google i connect and that button is red whole time it says disconnected pls help me

  32. Beak: Has 108k DE and needs 100k to upgrade queen, says he will when gets 100k
    Me: nope

  33. if they kill the healers i quit the game. 2 max th, 9 and 11.

  34. Everybody is bitching about change – but all I hear is bowlers valks are 2 strong quit bitching and nothing will happen ppl bitch and moan for a reason it makes you better other than using – that strat

  35. Beaker I'm a town hall 8 I need to upgrade my hogs and farm dark elixir

  36. No update yet. . Is sc having second thoughts?

  37. They need to make an update that effects lower th plz

  38. Do u have a clan

  39. damn that queen walk looked so hard to do

  40. Honestly beaks the only enjoyable clash youtuber (Lol there isn't any)

  41. Rip closet modders

  42. OP Queen walk gets nerfed. Good

  43. Your commentary is so cringey